1 SECRET For A POWERFUL Internal Shift (DO THIS NOW)(Confidence, Inner Game, Mindset)

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1 SECRET For A POWERFUL Internal Shift (DO THIS NOW)(Confidence, Inner Sport, Mindset)


37 thoughts on “1 SECRET For A POWERFUL Internal Shift (DO THIS NOW)(Confidence, Inner Game, Mindset)”

  1. These are actual core NLP and Hypnosis, meditation references as you describe Acting and thinking differently so you actively install more powerful and positive belief and thought patterns and become literally a New Person

  2. Kyle,congrats for the amazing content. It's crazy how a video can motivate you so much, but how do you keep that momentum? A lot of us struggle with ups and downs

  3. Believing your the man and other people aren’t is not disrespectful, it doesn’t mean your better, more entitled, or special. It just means your more fit to take responsibility it’s actually a difficult reality, women and confidence are only byproducts. Your brain produces seratonin based on where it assesses you rank in your surrounding hierarchy, confidence is positively associated with placement (higher placement = more confident) women pick off the top of the hierarchy. Kyle is right, but don’t confuse cocky with with arrogant, adopting responsibility has nothing to do with belittling other people, it just means that you sacrifice yourself and ignore social and peer pressure in pursuit of fulfilling that responsibility and doing the right thing.

  4. I just did what you said since quarantine started , had written down some cooky thoughts on a paper and i forced my mind to believe this thoughts by writing them down every day i go to bed and sometimes say it out loud with emotion….after a while the voice inside my head turned from you can't..your not that type of person and a general no to yes you that dude, you better than the other….got this idea from the book think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill…..this affirmation is really a game changer
    Love your stuff coach🔥

  5. You can only be the man when alone in your couch. Outside you gonna see bunch of othe men thinking they are the man. Now who is really the man…?
    Stop proving yourself! Go for get some and know when you fail in it so that you can adapt yourself.

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