10 Quarterbacks Who Owe Their Careers to a Coach

Listed here are QBs that owe all the pieces to their coach or they might be nothing.

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Generally it’s only a quarterback’s “expertise” that determines whether or not or not he “makes it” within the NFL….however not all the time.

In actuality, there are most likely a ton of viable NFL qbs who fell by means of the cracks through the years as a result of they ended up with a bum coach.

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Or simply a coach that wasn’t ready to get the many of the sign caller…

Conversely, we’ve seen fairly a few quarterbacks—who get a lot of credit score for his or her expertise—that actually ought to be sending Christmas playing cards to the coaches that primarily MADE their profession!

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Let’s take a have a look at 10 quarterbacks who owe their NFL careers to a coach!

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10 Quarterbacks Who Owe Their Careers to a Coach

29 thoughts on “10 Quarterbacks Who Owe Their Careers to a Coach”

  1. Kap should still be in the nfl. The contract he didn’t sign to come back was basically an ultimatum, he would’ve had to give up his free speech and aren’t the ppl against Antifa & BLM all for free speech? Bunch of hypocritical 🤡🤡🤡

  2. Some may disagree, but Aaron Rogers was putting up very good numbers, division titles, occasionally a playoff win, but was mostly just grinding through seasons (top three NFL highest paid player, rarely cap space), and every season the worsening of a toxic relationship between he and his head coach, and members of the coaching staff, which was never all that healthy to begin with, and it showed up on the field a team was clearly dysfunctional by playoffs time.
    When Matt LaFleur arrived the mood and productivity were different immediately. It was clear in practice it was clear on the sidelines it was clear on the field. Between season 1 and season 2 of that new coaching regime beef entire Playbook, every aspect, every minor detail to every major concept, every check every audible every formation every player grouping every player substitution literally everything in the Playbook was completely rebuilt from scratch from page one between Aaron Rodgers Matt LaFleur and Nathaniel Hackett. The next season Aaron Rodgers won the MVP and had his best most efficient season in his career, even though the experts have been saying all along that the Packers never put pieces around him to succeed, and the Packers did not have offensive weapons to succeed period even though he put up that MVP trophy Playbook producing huge numbers spreading the ball around, some of those experts are still saying that nonsensical bullshits that he doesn't have weapons. No, Rogers doesn't belong on this list but Rogers definitely has a lot to be grateful and appreciative of with his new coaches

  3. So you're saying Brees was a scheme QB? Well obviously part of his success needs to bre credited to Sean Payton, but the ultimate proof that he wasn't just a scheme QB is Jameis Winston, the guy just can't be consistent enough or is he just complete garbage?

  4. NFL HOFer Kurt Warner of the 1999 St. Louis Rams owes Dick Vermeil who pulled him from arena league football. Be went from there to NFL and Super Bowl MVP awards along with Pro Bowl honors. Then followed that with a Super Bowl run with the Arizona Cardinals.

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