49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan On Defensive Vs Media After Loss To Dolphins

The #49ers vs #Dolphins was simply one other instance of the workforce struggling to get again on a successful monitor. The Dolphins took benefit of each present weak spot the Niners are experiencing, whereas dominating all phases of the sport. The media requested coach Kyle Shanahan each query that the #NinerEmpire was scratching their head about after the Sunday annihilation of the 49ers.
There have been some apparent causes for the week 5 loss, however how deep do the problems movement, and is it fixable earlier than it’s to late within the 2020 season? We’ll be taking your cellphone calls to debate the #Niners defeat.

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49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan On Defensive Vs Media After Loss To Dolphins

21 thoughts on “49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan On Defensive Vs Media After Loss To Dolphins”

  1. issues are down to the bedrock…. something major going on this with squad and it aint the players with exception of offensive line, and theyr'e not hurt whats theyre excuse?????

  2. more like 86'ers…. cause this squad is trash now…….. something behind the scenes going on in addition to trash ass O-line squad… yall embarrassed 3 QB's back to back to back then go on interviews making excuses and being in denial

  3. Kendrick Bourne was on twitter few days ago talking about his drip page. This dude is all about himself. Can’t catch a ball in traffick to save his life. Runs like a 260 lb tight end but he’s barley 190 lbs soaking wet. All that hype this dude got this offseason. Shanahan is a fool for playing him at WR3. He’s got to be one of the slowest receivers in the entire NFL. Hes Slow, skinny, and has bad hands. If Pettis dropped as many balls as Bourne has this year Shanahan would of benched him already. But no..not Bourne. His job is still safe. SMH

  4. They should of had Ward playing corner and started T-Moore at free safety. Brian Allen and Jamar Taylor have no business playing starter minutes over proven guys like T-Moore. Makes no damn sense.

  5. Kyle play calling is trash. Ford, Pettis and Alexander need to be gone. Mostert should get 99% of the runs he is your best back. I rather have 2 TE than having that fullback.

  6. "Pure Money" our niners ain't fixing anything in 1 week… Since the schedule came out no one has been looking forward to a game more than the Rams playing us .. this will
    Get ugly.. we all know it.

  7. Got to keep it real. I’m a die hard Niners fan, but it’s all about the O-line and Secondary is the weakness. All this delusional talk about Jimmy G is crazy. He’s definitely not great. Keep that same energy with him like blaming Nick Mullens and CJ Beathard. The front office is the problem. Stop trying to be cheap and stubborn. Get DEE FORD…MIKE MCGLENTCHY…might have spell his last name wrong. DANTE PETTIS NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT OUT!! Get whatever money you can, and go sign Alex Mack and a CB that is somewhat serviceable until the office season. Just my thoughts! Niners 4 Life!!

  8. Offense line is out of sink Jimmy don’t trust his leg and the wrong personal in the secondary jimmy ward to Cb and t Moore @ safety and I bet we can turn it around

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