Adrian Peterson: Discipline or child abuse?

Miguel Marquez stories on the newest information within the Adrian Peterson story, together with updates on new allegations of abuse. Extra from CNN at

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Adrian Peterson: Discipline or child abuse?

31 thoughts on “Adrian Peterson: Discipline or child abuse?”

  1. I don't agree with spanking but I believe it becomes abuse when your kid has marks and welts all over their bottom and legs. It does effect them developmentally and emotionally and generally creates mental illness in the future. I know many people object and say it helped them but I ask to those people, how often were you spanked? Did you have marks? Men especially are extremely strong and over time that release of anger makes the spanks even stronger.

  2. Adrian Peterson says he was hit like this when he was a child , shame on his parents for doing that and thinking its ok Adrian Peterson should go to jail along with his parents and his selfish wife who allowed it to happen and still with him because of the money

  3. Dads, we have to step up. We can discipline our children without abusing them. Regardless of your viewpoint on this issue, let this be an opportunity to examine how you are disciplining your children. Is it out of love? We also need to keep in mind, there are many great dads that are NFL Players.

  4. Honestly the biggest thing is we need to be careful how we swing around the phrase child abuser.  Everyone agrees Adrian went too far.  But that's just it.  He went too far.  If this kind of discipline is punishable by jail time, then there would be a VERY great deal of people crowding prisons today.  People are allowed to raise their children however they want.   That applies to Adrian.  THAT BEING SAID, HE WENT TOO FAR, YES.  But everyone does and even Adrian said he was wrong and he has learned from it and he knows now there are better ways and methods.  He was raised this way as many other people in this country were.  If we are raised a certain way, the only thing deviating us from that behavior is someone stopping us and telling us that's wrong.  Otherwise we believe it is right.  This is what Adrian had happen to him as a child so he thinks it is okay and a good way to discipline your children.  He has now learned that it is not.  But come on people, are we really going to throw him in jail for two years for disciplining his child out of love the best we he believed?  That is why I say we need to be careful with the term child abuser.  We have a very different connotation with the word today, and it means someone who beats or harms a child with malicious intent out of pure evil.  Adrian was punishing his son for doing something wrong that he shouldn't have done.  He punished him the way he believed to be best (which he now knows isn't), and went too far.  We all have no idea what its like to have your entire world ripped apart and thrown upside down because of disciplining your child and making a mistake based on how you were raised.  Adrian is losing his career, he life, and he is being called a monster in the streets by the masses.  People are labeling him as a malicious child abuser.  I'm sorry but if you know anything about Adrian you know he is NOT a malicious, evil, man.  He is very caring and kind and he loves his children very much.  But he got carried away.  Let's not do the same thing.
    Now, if the child and mother decide that Adrian shouldn't see the child anymore, then that's a totally other subject, by all means that is fair.

  5. I have ZERO TOLERANCE for Parents hitting Children. First of all PARENTS their NOT your Children. They belong to God. You don't own them. I don't apologise for getting in an Adults face about it when I see it.

  6. In my childhood I watched my dad  often got angry about anything and allowed himself to hit me, spank or whip.I can't say his methods of up-bringing  were much effective. Anyway I think that I will never spank or whip my children.Parents must explain to their child what he or she did wrong and how it must be done without any corporal punishment.

  7. They need to stop cracking down on these NFL players…I say that because if I become rich I don't want the law breathing down my throat. I wanna buy my way outta this typa bullshit or have it covered up, like they used to do. I'm not saying I would beat a kid, but damn. 

  8. I am so tired of hearing about, that is what my parents did it to me, it doesn't make it ok. Abuse is abus no matter if it happens today or 20 year's ago. You need to stop it in your generation. You know when you hit a child it's not a good feeling, so please everyone stop hitting your kids god bless your family and children, amen

  9. On the same note, people who payed $150 for an NFL jersey with Rice or Petersons  name on it are really taking a hit. Although in Philly it didn't take long for Vick jerseys to get bought up in spite of his 'dog dilima' but now what do they do with them now he's a Jet? Use it as a dust rag. Perhaps we should refrain from spending hard earned money on shirts with a players name on the back of them just in case they do something society deems improper. Just buy the team jersey and put your own name on it.

  10. poor children. Our kids have to suffer a lot. Even schools dictate the rules which are not always adequate. As this one, that schools force kids to have a meatless monday. That's stupid.

  11. Unfortunately, for many american families child abuse is a norm. Just imagine, that every year there're more than 3 mln reports of child abuse in our country where more than 6 million children are involved!

  12. The number of children who died from maltreatment is growing from year to year in our country. We should consider the fact that the majority of suffering kids don't tell anyone about what happens.

  13. Someone please explain to me how this guy could ever lay a hand on his child isn't this the guy who's kid was beaten to death by his girlfriend and shortly after he beats his child I don't know if all these facts are correct but seriously what's wrong with guy

  14. let the parents alone. this player became successful bec of strict parents. perhaps he went too far so he went to a counselor. now he knows. so LEAVE HIM ALONE. mind your own business ! this is very different from the ray rice issue which is really assault! this is discipline. he beats the kid so he wont have to beat him when he is a teenager! people who work in media has nothing better to do. mind you own business! this is a parent's business

  15. Athletes need to realize that expectations are raised when they reach pro level on and off the field. All sports need to make any kind of domestic violence zero tolerance.

  16. This america melting pot thing isn't working, I hate to say this and it hurts my heart but diversity doesn't work. Blacks and Whites just see the world in two different lenses. 

  17. Man I got the belt when I did something bad! It sure taught me a lesson! Yet I'm not traumatized! I don't resent my parents! I view them as the best people and Christians I know! I'm not saying that they went straight to spanking me! My parents taught me right and wrong but when I did something wrong that i knew was wrong, that's when words will no longer work! I am a better man today because of the spankings I got and I wouldn't change a single thing about how I was raised. This is my opinion! I would never tell someone how to raise there kids but children today are rude, disrespectful, and grow up with a very soft, "hand-holding" rules. I respect your opinions but holding our kids hands through life and not disciplining them will have consequences that you will have to live with….

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