Adrian Peterson vs Derrick Henry l NFL "Would You Rather"

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Adrian Peterson vs Derrick Henry l NFL "Would You Relatively"

16 thoughts on “Adrian Peterson vs Derrick Henry l NFL "Would You Rather"”

  1. Peterson. Not close. Coming back 8 months after blowing his knee completely up and falling 9 yards short of the all time rushing record with Christian Ponder under center and 8-9-10 in the box all year. Henry….lol

  2. Too many people don't realize that at the end of the day, AD is right there with Jim Brown, Barry Sanders and Walter Payton.

    Henry is good, but he has to keep this up for years to be included in that convo. And only time will tell if that's the case

  3. Adrian wasnt that good of pass catcher, that has been his only knock as a runningback throughout his career but other than its AP all day long over henry both in their prime.

  4. Ap fumbled so much though . 9 fumble average bs Henry's 1 every 300 carrys maybe. This is why take Henry over every back in all of history.
    I've got to witness all 2k records in real time but jim and oj yet seen it on archive nfl films.
    Henry in prime is the one.

  5. Jim Brown was a full back. I’d take Derrick over AP slightly though because hes had an historic playoff run already. Right now I’d say Dickerson, Walter Payton, and Barry are top 3 all time. AP is higher on the all time list but I’d rather have Henry personally

  6. I'd give the nod to Adrian Peterson for this one. AP dominated the NFL at a time where backs were much more a focal point of the offense. AP does have a fumbling issue, but he's always guaranteed to give your offense that needed push. I think running style for AP is a combination of Bo Jackson (Power) and Emmitt Smith (Elusiveness). Derrick Henry is the best complete back since AP, I think Derrick is more of a (North-South Runner), because of this I think it prevents him from getting hurt as much, because making cuts and dodging guys does open you up for injury. Depending on the offense run, each back offers you a lot, but I would AP gets this one due to his running style (vision included) and game break ability that Derrick Henry also has.

  7. Peterson and Henry both came off the field on 3rd and medium/long. Neither could be considered a good receiving back. Probably have to go with Henry due to Peterson's fumbling issues. Both awesome though!

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