Alpha Traits That Get You More Women (You Need To Do THIS)

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Alpha Traits That Get You More Women (You Need To Do THIS)

39 thoughts on “Alpha Traits That Get You More Women (You Need To Do THIS)”

  1. confidently and comfortably lead in EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE –> make decisions
    authoritative tonality (break of rapport)
    look masculine (certainty at the back of your mind)

  2. Yea I'm decisive. I'd take some shots. But only to distant girls. They happen to be the sigma type. In any case, I don't play the game. How does she know if I'm playing it or not, right. That's the point. If she's asking that, then she's already saved you the distance. If SHE doesn't approach your vicinity, then she doesn't like me enough or something is wrong with her. Yeah, I'll take the .01% because I actually don't care. Not a fucking slave to anything, especially myself

  3. I'm from Brazil, thank you for leaving subtitles in Portuguese, I'm always following and learning with your knowledge, you're like my an older brother, giving me all your teachings

  4. Man that are born with unattractive face trying to interact with confident and taking the lead says "Come lets go over there" "lets go for a walk" etc……

    Women mind: "He doesnt look safe" "creepy" "scary" "im gonna get raped"

    Sad life…….reality hurts

  5. The game is highly rigged, every man should know that going in. Choosing signals are not a given she's into you, and her giving you her number is equivalent to getting a job interview. Essentially nothing is guarantee. That being said, you gotta swing if you wanna get a hit. Unfortunately that entails missing alot of balls along the way. Even as a good looking guy. I get ghosted on pretty frequently, but that's just part of the modern day females game. A common theme I hear from alot of men "I don't talk to women who play games". Then you must never talk to women. The game has changed, it's up to you to decide if it's worth playing anymore.

  6. Wtf did you do to your body thats horrible it looks horrible and every time you take your clothes off you have to look at your ruined natural body you know im right

  7. Why does it seem like what mostly determines a man's attractiveness to women or his ability to get a girlfriend, is mostly social-skills based or social-behavior based, mental and emotional behavior based and conversation talents?

    It has always seemed that a man's social behaviors or social skills, human interaction ability has a much bigger impact on his dating life a lot more than the other way around

  8. I love this channel bro. I've been using the statement of empathy a lot lately and it works great! Is there a link where I can make a one time donation? I'm not interested in joining patreon.

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