An American President 'disagreeing with the verdict of the jury is unheard of' says Foreign Expert

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An American President 'disagreeing with the verdict of the jury is unheard of' says Foreign Expert

30 thoughts on “An American President 'disagreeing with the verdict of the jury is unheard of' says Foreign Expert”

  1. Wait a lot of our so called media still said that 3 black men where killed it was white men one a 5 time convicted paedophile who raped 5 boy's Rittenhouse done the world a favor and was well within the law of self defence.facts not feelings not with the media it's lies and anger MSM are corrupt racist bullies.

  2. Biden has finally lost the plot…..if he had not already… criticise a jury after this high profile trial……he should have kept his gob shut…..and he is just saying that the next time this happens the jury will be under even more pressure to give a guilty verdict even if the evidence is to the opposite view!!!! The US is truly going in the wrong direction…….they should remove all guns from the general public….and then those people would have to re-apply for a licence and only those with a fit a proper reason be given one……and a AR-15 automatic should be removed altogether……….but I can see parts of America dropping into civil war…it only needs another spark to set it off.

  3. Other questions nobody is asking is how the heck was a pedophile and a wife beater rioting in the streets ? . The justice system didn't failed Kyle but at the same time it did fail by allowing that type of vermin crawling on the streets. But we all know why Biden protects pedos!!

  4. And yet tRuMp can question Obama's citizenship, mock a disabled person, insult war veterans, boast about 'grabbing women by the p***y, etc etc etc and barely anybody says anything about it.

  5. Antifa and BLM are political militia working for the radical left. Joe Biden is a puppet president for the radical left. The main stream media is radically left wing. So those of us who know this are not remotely surprised by anything this administration do or say, and that the media help smooth it over (the same media that went hysterical each time Trump said China virus). The radical left have their eyes fixed on global domination. They want their own way every time, and will threaten, coerce and intimidate anyone and everyone until they get it. PS anyone who believes that a patently senile old man won 80,000,000 votes (i.e. 30,000,000 more than any other president ever) is watching far too much main stream media. The election was stolen, and yes, there was tonnes of evidence of mail in ballot fraud, as well as counting staff chasing out cameras and witnesses before copying and replacing ballots.

  6. Shameful behaviour by Joe. Bill Maher is still going on about Trump not accepting the decision, he should now switch to discussing Joe not accepting the decision.

  7. The Constitution of the United States lays out a clear separation of powers that is sacred. The Executive branch (the Presidency) NEVER publicly criticises the Judicial branch. Also, this was a trial by a jury of twelve peers – of ordinary American citizens – as laid out by the law. An American President never criticises a verdict duly arrived at unanimously by a jury of peers, and as the guest pointed out, the Judge took pains to point out how honourably and seriously this jury executed its responsibility. How dare Biden criticise the very pillar of American democracy??

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