Ana Navarro Slams Donald Trump Jr. On 'The View'

The COVID-19 chaos on “The View” continues as visitor co-host Ana Navarro slams Donald Trump Jr. on Monday’s episode after his “weight problems” diss on Twitter. Plus, Navarro shuts down haters on Instagram, who harassed her on social media after the on-air COVID scare. Carlos Bustamante and Sangita Patel react on ET Canada Reside.

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Ana Navarro Slams Donald Trump Jr. On 'The View'

42 thoughts on “Ana Navarro Slams Donald Trump Jr. On 'The View'”

  1. I remember on the program The View they were laughing at the comments by Pelosi when Trump was called morbidly obese .by the way Anna you are morbidly obese and so is Whoopi Goldberg which drains billions of dollars from our health system .

  2. Sounds like a super-duper effective vaccine! SO effective that people who've had it, keep on getting covid…weird! Also weird that our "betters" don't like the rest of us questioning any of this. It's almost like they're the ones who don't trust the science, or something. 🤔

  3. actually Donald Trump just lost alot of weight and has been getting healthier… so…. lol Still doesn't address the issue of obesity as an underlying condition,that most of the people who died from covid were obese

  4. well you tubeses this is disinformation, they are saying they have to be tested up the anus everyday, but they got the lethal injection! ARE YOU SAYING THE JAB DOESNT WORK! Do your job you tube gistapo!REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE,SALTY ARMY LIVES!

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