Andrew Yang Says Donald Trump's Stimulus Package is Too Short and Small

Former 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang Joins Ana Cabrera on CNN to debate Trump’s stimulus bundle, Coronavirus, and his Washington Publish op-ed on Asian American racism.

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Andrew Yang Says Donald Trump's Stimulus Package is Too Short and Small

26 thoughts on “Andrew Yang Says Donald Trump's Stimulus Package is Too Short and Small”

  1. Andrew's tweet is exactly why Asian American are treated so badly. You don't gain respect for being a good slave. Asian American occupy the high intelligent workforce. Asian American had done enough for America, it's time for America to show its respect.

  2. The $1200 one time payment
    Is Band Aid applied to BIG and
    Deep bleeding wound ,a bunch of
    Band Aid will not stop the bleed.
    You need major surgery to stop it.

  3. Asian Americans need not "feel ashamed" of who they are during this time. Dirty looks, bigotry, racism, maybe, but not ashamed. If you do, you've let the bigot racist win over you when it's not even your fault. Did you create covid 19?

  4. CNN stop all this bullshit, for once report real news, Trump said this, Trump said that, stop with this obsession about Trump, people are dying in most Democrat states and all you care about is trying to make Trump look bad, guess what ? Trump will be re-elected come November and there's nothing you do-nothing lefties can do about it…Trump 2020

  5. Be kind people. This is not the fault of Asian Americans. Your Trump knew about this crisis in Dec, Jan, and Feb and did NOTHING. Let's hope that Biden wakes up and highers Yang for VP. I know we want a woman and all but we need DT gone like yesterday

  6. American First—-the question is that Which American first? the rich corporates or the poor voters who elected you. The ignorant American, time to WAKE UP.

  7. People can live off on $1,200 a month if they cut back on their utility use. But I agree people need to be paid each month if this covid19 shutdown continues. And eventually they will need to increase the payment. People have property taxes in the upcoming months.

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