Andy Reid on Chiefs loss to Bills: 'They were better than we were'

Kansas Metropolis Chiefs coach Andy Reid talks in regards to the group’s 38-20 loss to the Buffalo Payments at Arrowhead Stadium.

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Andy Reid on Chiefs loss to Payments: 'They were better than we were'

24 thoughts on “Andy Reid on Chiefs loss to Bills: 'They were better than we were'”

  1. Clearly the chiefs are missing the defensive genius of Britt Reid! When that cat got just the right amount of liquor and pills in his system he turned into the Pavarotti of the gridiron!

  2. Prayers for the chief players who got hurt Sundays game to the Bills team I do believe one member of the team got hurt prayers to that player for a quick recovery. GO Chiefs !!

  3. We have no answer for the 2 safety deep. Need new plays for Mahomes to deal with it. We need to help Mahomes by not dropping the ball!! Defense needs to keep working hard to get better. The other teams are not afraid of us anymore.. let's fix it and go chiefs!!

  4. Go chiefs!!! No my team didn’t play real well last night but I’ll still root for them and still cheer them on one -two games is not going to turn me away. Hang in their Kansas City I still love you guys just need some changes. 😊

  5. Look at Bill Belichicks Super Bowl wins. They all had good defenses. Tom Brady’s wins, all good defenses. Peyton Manning’s old man SB win, good defense. All Mahomes needs is a good running game and a good team defense

  6. As rattled as you will hear Big Red in a post game presser. Speaks volumes to how well prepared Buffalo came into this game. The Bills outplayed and outcoached the Chiefs tonight.

  7. Fire Mahomes? The dude barely even started his career, he’s not a bad QB, he’s just still new and prone to make silly mistakes, he’s just been lucky enough to avoid the pass rush cuz his offensive line was good

    I’m saying this and I’m not even a chiefs fan like wtf dude? Why would you fire Mahomes? That’s just stupid

  8. Going for it on 4th down on their 35 in the 1st quarter was a HUGE coaching error. Giving them momentum and confidence, while deflating yours and passing up 3 points. Andy should be FIRED..!

  9. This team is not focused, motivated or inspired in any way. Their body language is garbage. Mental mistakes everywhere. Pat seems to have become obsessed with making commercials instead of working on his flaws. It all starts at the top with Andy. They never recovered from the super bowl loss and I wouldn't be surprised if what happened with his son isn't what is affecting his coaching

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