Asked If Biden WH Uncovered Any "Impropriety" Re Trump/Russia, NSA Sullivan Says "I've Got Nothing"

When requested if President Joe Biden’s White Home uncovered any “impropriety” concerning President Donald Trump and Russia, President Joe Biden’s Nationwide Safety Advisor Jake Sullivan mentioned, “I’ve bought nothing,” through the White Home press briefing on 1/13/2022. Make sure you like, subscribe, and remark beneath to share your ideas on the video.

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Asked If Biden WH Uncovered Any "Impropriety" Re Trump/Russia, NSA Sullivan Says "I've Got Nothing"

28 thoughts on “Asked If Biden WH Uncovered Any "Impropriety" Re Trump/Russia, NSA Sullivan Says "I've Got Nothing"”

  1. Even now if you turn on CNN they will tell you that Trump is about to be arrested. They've been saying he is going to be caught in days or even hours for the last 5 years. Even if you were a Trump hater and a confirmed Marxist who hung on CNN's every word as gospel, at what point do you say "this Trump story narrative really can't be true. This is just propaganda"?

  2. I love the way our government has shown us how to answer questions nobody wants to answer. I dont recall I cant answer that or just ask a question back to change the subject. Kudos I'm ready for my interrogation

  3. Because these organizations, which are now Democrat lap dogs, simply refuse to admit how horrifically wrong they were, how the unprecedented fortunes spent on these fake investigations were never intended to find any wrong-doing, they were only done in order to be able to give the media fuel to cast a constant cloud of suspicion over Trump's administration.

    We need to start disobeying.

  4. The top brass of the military and intelligence communities should be embarrassed about their pick for their puppet, it is not going well at all! What should scare you is the fanatical core of voters who will still assure you this is the best president, the most brilliant president. They could watch him babble incoherently in fear like a lost baby and openly wet himself on live TV, and still state "this was the best address of the nation ever, needs an Emmy award". What a sad situation these people should people ashamed especially his so called wife.He's going downhill from here folks, can you imagine another 3 years of this nonsense.

  5. Because there was nothing, but his answer really applies to the entire Brandon admin…admins not the right term, grifting apparatus is more appropriate.

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