Billick Chalktalk 101 "Tell me about Kyle Boller, Coach!"

Extra from the Billick Chalktalk 101 Sequence at Mom’s Grille in Federal Hill in Baltimore delivered to you by Coors Gentle & Toyota Reside Internet.

Billick Chalktalk 101 "Inform me about Kyle Boller, Coach!"

9 thoughts on “Billick Chalktalk 101 "Tell me about Kyle Boller, Coach!"”

  1. Kyle Boller had a live are coming out of high school He chose Cal over UCLA , and for 3 years the Cal bears sucked. Out goes Tom Holmoe, and in comes Jeff Tedford, and Kyle looks like a nfl prospect again. Once he goes to Baltimore, they never developed him. So he was never in the right place at the right time.

  2. the problem with Boller was that they not only reached very high to pick him, but they stuck with him for so long. long after all of us could see that he did not even closely resemble an NFL quarterback. even in this video after Boller was released, he still thinks Boller can be successful? are you kidding me?
    also, the problem with him on the Ravens was that they had an outstanding Defense and running game. they only needed an average to slightly above average qb to win then.

  3. @machinemanbaltimore Exactly right. It's popular to blame the HC these days in the NFL. But with Billick, it was even more extreme, because he won a freaking Super Bowl his second year, but a lot of "fans" wouldn't give him credit. Yet when we had a bad year, he got all the blame. Very uneven bias there. Fact is, during his 9 years, Billick was one of the best HC's in the league. He had 6 winning/non-losing season to 3 losing ones, 2 division titles, and a Super Bowl. I'd call that good.

  4. @MrKeepnit100 You are so off base it's not even funny. Boller was a great prospect coming out of college, and had all the tools to be a good QB. Even with our lack of receiving talent, Boller almost led the Ravens to the playoffs in 2004. And it's easy to imagine that, healthy and starting, he could have led them to the playoffs in 2003, and 2006. But to blame Billick for 2007, is ridiculous. No team can overcome so many injuries. People forget the 13-3 season, because the next season was bad.

  5. Saying that Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl, is kind of like saying that a vice presidential candidate wins the election. Dilfer did well for the Ravens, in that he didn't make them lose. But let's not rewrite history here, Dilfer was good at running their ball control offense. He wasn't a great QB. Boller on the other hand, WAS actually rated highly, by many outlets because of his last year at Cal. He just didn't have the o-line, or the WRs, to properly develop. Period.

  6. @machinemanbaltimore what about him drafting Travis Taylor with the TENTH PICK IN THE 2000 Draft remember that? I bet you forget that too. Or the fact that in the 2007 Draft we had MULTIPLE picks in the LAST round and uh lets see Marques Colston (6'3 200+ pouns) WIDE RECEIVER was taken at the LAST pick when he had MULTIPLE oppurtunities. yea he's a great coach he gets to coach right there with Mike "Trade the whole draft for Rick Williams" Ditka on NFL Network

  7. Hmm lets with this how about the fact that he TRADED our 2004 first rounder to pick a quarterback who NO ONE scouted or even rated as a distant prospect? Or the fact that he let a quarterback who had actually WON a super bowl go not to mention our many more than capable back ups on that very superbowl defense? Hmmm what about all those stupid pass plays on third and short his last season when he had a ROOKIE Leron McClain at his disposal? Yea that Leron McClain the 900 yard rushing Leron McClain

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