Breaking Down Trey Lance's First Start

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Breaking Down Trey Lance's First Start

46 thoughts on “Breaking Down Trey Lance's First Start”

  1. JT – I have so many questions on these plays. Opening play. Has to go to Deebo on the slant. Then Jones sidles up on the right side and the centre goes left?? is that on Trey to call or Mack?

  2. I thought the play calling was shit. A lot of empty for a rookie qb and he then made mistakes most of them there. Feel like he was not put in the best spot to succeed.

  3. I've got a question. I remember in the pre-draft workout process there was this big story that Trey Lance changed his footwork alignment. It was seen as one of the early signs that the 49ers would eventually draft him, because that's the way Shanahan wanted Matt Ryan to do it, too.

    Do you think that has something to do with his jumpiness and erratic footowork?

    Is he even still doing that?

  4. Rookie made great plays but Jimmy would’ve won this game so many missed check downs and slow reads I see them getting that stuff coached up in the future

  5. So Lynch and Shanahan trade away future #1’s for a QB who never played against top college players and didn’t play the year before and started him in a game having him run to the point he hurt his knee and is now out for 2 weeks??? This is total failure by both. The only thing they accomplished was getting to the Super Bowl and choking the game and leading the NFL the last two years in injured reserved players.

  6. Thank you, sir. This is my first of you vids I've watched. Great stuff. I think Lance is exactly what everyone thought. An incredible athlete with size AND speed. Hes also EXTREMELY raw and lacks experience. Its going to take time. The most important thing…everyone needs to stop trying to compare him to other elite level QBs. He is not the next Mahomes, Allen, or Kyler Murray. He Trey. Hes big, fast, athletic, and raw. He has the talent to someday be elite. Right now, there will be growing pains with flashes of hope.

  7. He needs more reps. Needs to be coached up better. Front office and coaching isn't doing a good job giving up draft picks on guys who aren't really apart of the offensive. There's just something off. We have the guys. There always injured and underachieving. The plays are there. This game should of been won. But this is the theme this year.

  8. your videos are awesome. As a former high school qb, i would've killed to have this level of film breakdown from a coach back when a 30 yard throw wouldn't put my shoulder in a sling as it would now.

  9. Awesome to get your insights – so much better understanding of what actually happened – and was supposed to happen lol – with your insight. THANKS

  10. Great break down, the way you are talking is like counseling to my ears, if you knew how I felt when I saw this game, as a former QB myself, I totally understand you, you are speaking my language 🤜🤛 I wish he would have trusted his dump or shield 🛡 pass wheel routes that got open on the 3sec or 3rd step shift to pass on his right side because it would save him energy and open post or flag options with his strong 💪arm. Fake hand off Rolling out is fine but not towards JJ side unless the coach wants you killed. When I saw a JJ type of player on my weak side, I would notice that right away and audible, and coach would say; Star what the🤬 are you doing! Don't worry coach I always knew I had my 4.4 reciever motioning across on second level we'll I still have a wheel option and left WR going 86 (post) wich usually ended up in a block for second level cross route! For some reason I always knew it would work!

    *Coach would say great job Star, especially because most of those plays got great yards or a touch down because of the patterns ran. They were set mainly by me because I would tell the receivers to block for one another Hehe sorry coach it was a inside the huddle thing! 😉👍

    *Coach would say; Star do as I say or you better make something out of it, if not you are making the whole team run after the game 🤣

    *We had to run once because the RB (Samy) came in and gave me the wrong play to run🤣🏈 good times!

    * And to be honest the running back gave me a running play, but I think it was because he wanted the ball, because I would always audible his play because he mainly ran the A gap play but I would see Samson and Mike there filling the A gap, so it was a perfect time to audible a TE cross pattern or WR 81 or 91 [2 step slant pattern] with FB Shielding and jump out rout pass option!

    Hopefully this made any sense to yall 😆

    RIP Coach Norvell 🙏
    :Coach if you can see this or hear this, please know that your Star is doing right now, and thanks for your advice, my Thug days are over now, and I gave myself to Christ Jesus now, sorry I let you down, Juvenhaul was a lesson learned, I wish I could have told you thanks for all your words and letters, the judge was easy on me for your kind words on my 3rd court appearance. Thanks for writing letters to the scouts for me! RIP NORVELL

    Hopefully you youngsters don't throw away your opportunities like I did. Learn from this story bois. Till the helmets come off 🛻truck it, ☠ stick it and move the ⛓ chains 🏈🤠💪👊🙏

  11. The Aiyuk situation is mind boggling. Getting out snapped by Sherfield, then Sanu, then Benjamin…

    No idea what Kyle has against Aiyuk. But it has nothing to do with skill. Because he’s miles better than any of them. he makes great catches every time the balls thrown near him. Yet Kyle’s essentially written him out of the offense…

  12. He should’ve hit the check downs we have too many get yac players . On the other hand we also should’ve seen him test those corners deep on plays but Kyle would rather him run qb draws

  13. Take with a grain of salt, but Rich Madrid on Twitter spoke to a former SF OL and they said They aren't allowed to flip protection calls in shanny's offense and the call is on the QB

  14. That 4th & 1 with juice under center was so cringe. I mean they ran it earlier in the season and it worked but man… I’m sure the cards saw that play as well if a casual fan saw it on TV. There was no surprise on that play. We all knew what was going to happen.

  15. I'm just genuinely curious, I've noticed and seen it pointed out a few times, how his ball is a little wobbly. What causes this, can it be fixed, does it even need to be fixed?

  16. Trey definitely needs reps. No more sitting, he has to play. The Niner gang always come through showing nothing but love to the content creators. I bet Mr. JT is going to have the most views on this rookie QB than the others 💯

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