Bruce Arians on Mike Evans: “Don’t Know If Anyone Is Playing Better Than Him” | Press Conference

Head coach Bruce Arians spoke to the media following the Bucs week eleven win over New York.
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Bruce Arians on Mike Evans: “Don’t Know If Anyone Is Playing Better Than Him” | Press Conference

31 thoughts on “Bruce Arians on Mike Evans: “Don’t Know If Anyone Is Playing Better Than Him” | Press Conference”

  1. Anyone notice that Bruce has never been critical of Mike, even if he makes a mistake int like last night, but when Brady makes a bad throw hes all over it. Barkin up the wrong tree Bruce. He is so afraid of Brady getting all the credit for winning and not him.

  2. Should not mention pick Brady has at least 5 picks that should not go against him plus a hail Mary pick ? Balls going through receivers hands should not go against any Qb .

  3. So stoked bout the my teams W I see some areas where they still need to fix slightly but such a better performance I was very happy to see our QB start checking down as well something that was missing last couple weeks they really were on top of things just gotta get prepared for next week shud be interesting but got full trust in my boys Go tampa

  4. In all honesty the Buccaneers defense only gave 3 points in this Game. there's nothing that the defense could have done with the literally short field that the New York Giants offense got. due to the Buccaneers offense turning the football over

  5. We just need to bring that same energy and competitive mindset that we do at home against an opposing team in their building. Still Great Win Guys. Lets shift gears towards a fearsome Indianapolis Colts team this weekend LETS GO!

  6. defense played with hunger tonight. we need it consistently. gotta tighten up the missed tackles though, always over shooting them

    Happy thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy it

  7. Except for that awful drop that became an interception… reminds me of that nonsense from last week! Those should not be on Brady🤦🏻‍♂️ and there is a couple more of those earlier in the season that are not true interceptions

  8. Great to be back in the win column, but there is a lot that needs to be tightened up. Thankfully this team has excellent leadership so I'm sure they will prepare this team so that they are CLEARLY communicating with each other when they play the Colts.

  9. Love you Coach 💗🧸 Love your Opi call this evening 🐕👑💎💐🪂✨Ended that series wiff a Tuddie 🤗🥳🌷🎶 Opi loves You & Team and is always looking out for you 💗🧸🐕🐾🍃

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