Buying Jpegs to Colonize Mars Before Elon Musk

Sure you learn the title proper, I’ve beat Elon to his imaginative and prescient of colonizing Mars and all it price me was a number of {dollars} in cryptocurrency.

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Buying Jpegs to Colonize Mars Before Elon Musk

41 thoughts on “Buying Jpegs to Colonize Mars Before Elon Musk”

  1. There's something especially fucked about a bunch of Capitalists (or wannabe Capitalists) creating a narrative in which Earth is abandoned in large part due to environmental destruction by Capitalist interests. Because of course they want the solution to the problem to be more of the problem itself.

  2. You know, the whole "leaving the planet for mars" thing.. or generally the whole "we take a spaceship and leave earth to colonize a new planet" thing.. I never understood any of it. Why the fuck would we want to go to mars instead of using the planet with the best distance to the sun? In what state does the earth as a celestial body need to be for mars to be a more feasible alternative?
    Like, unless planet earth literally explodes, NO reachable planet will be easier to get to and colonize than.. earth itself really.
    If something will wipe the earth and we actually get space colonization levels of tech before that happens, Humans will just fuck off to a space station nearby, wait a few years and then colonize earth again.

  3. Earth 2, Mars4.. Will we have Jupiter 6? Because if you want to earn serious fuckton of money, Jupiter should be your choice. I know that education decided not to befriend people "playing" these "games", but let me help you. Jupiter is big. You cannot even imagine how big it is 😉

  4. "Go to Mars, it's a safer place for humanity". Lol what a joke.
    Mars has no atmosphere, no air to breathe, no surface water and the temperatures are between -60 degrees celsius and +6 degrees celsius. It takes months to get supplies there, if you can survive the trip and the landing. If there is any kind of emergency or the settlers run out of supplies they are almost certainly dead and we can't send help or evacuate back to earth.
    Even if we turn earth into a radiated wasteland like in mad max or fallout our species still has better chances here than on mars. Even building an underwater city or a satelite or moon city would be the better and safer option. You need less supplies and fuel to get there (or back) sending help or evacuating before everyone dies is at least possible.

  5. It's funny to realise that, a single well aimed solar flare hitting earth, say bye bye to all data "investors"…! At least we will have something to laugh at, while roasting rats on a firepit for dinner! XD

  6. As an actual lawyer, I can say that the terms of that disclaimer are unlikely to be enforceable. Even if you could argue that they would be, you'd have to get people to agree to them pretty explicitly before you allow someone to download the document. You can't just put terms in the middle of a PDF and claim it's a binding contract. Also, while it depends on your jurisdiction, there are often laws on the books that limit the liability of individual investors to their investment and nothing more. In other words, you can't force investors to bear the brunt of your failure over and above the money they put in. The indemnity purports to assign unlimited liability to an investor for the whole investment's failure. That's just fucking crazy and I can't see a court uphold that. Also you can tell that disclaimer wasn't drafted by a lawyer or anyone who knew what they were doing.

  7. I am so sick of the made up buzz word "metaverse". It's legit becoming a trigger word for me. Has anyone come up with a dictionary definition of metaverse yet. I watched 5 different videos about it , and each one had a different meaning.
    I feel like Neo typing what is the metaverse into my computer. 🤣

  8. one thing I never see these "sell a map square" things address is that the earth and mars are globes, but they are selling squares in a rectangle, if you buy near the polls you are getting less land than someone buying at the equator. but then this is just another element of the scam. oh edit, seem mars at least managed it

  9. With the Webb telescope now deployed and almost ready to look back to the beginning of our universe, it's only a matter of time (pun!) before someone tries to sell those images. "Come join Big Bang Land! Be one of the original creators of the universe! Be a LITERAL God!"

  10. The bummer is that if it weren't for the ridiculous greed these could be fun browser games. There can even be microtransactions as perks to help support the site. "Pet" sites for kids and at-home parents have been around for decades and self-supporting that way. Colonising Mars where you get tiles and interact with other users could be a really good educational game for kids or teens, even – schools love educational websites that they can incorporate into lessons to make learning fun, especially considering kids are so online these days. There's a reasonable profit with a comfortable lifestyle providing that kind of content. But no, that requires consistency. Why bother making something real or contributing something beneficial when you can just coast by on scams and failed projects outside the scope of most of these "developers".

  11. it's so funny those morons complaining about co2 and wildfire wanting to move to mars….
    do they actually see there are no trees that could burn in the first place??!

  12. Y'know much as I loved watching you review MMO content I'm glad you started to cover these. The MMORPG genre has gotten pretty depressing over the years. I'm just glad to be clinging to ff14 as theres such a variety of content its impossible to run out of

  13. I compared the 2 projects using MATH!

    Mars4 vs Earth2
    (Ms2)/(Eth) vs 1 (Divide by 2 and common letters)
    Ms2/Eth – 1 vs 0 (subtract 1 from both sides)

    Now we just need to figure out what the fuck other letters mean and we might be able to prove that formulas in math weren't a complete waste of time.

  14. Don´t NFT´s f*ck earth even more with every transaction?
    I heard they just need this much energy. Not sure though.
    If it is true, that would just be too much.
    "Earth is doomed, use our game to doom it even more."

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