Canucks talk: Kyle Burroughs and Vasily Podkolzin impressive in Canucks win

Kyle Burroughs and Vasily Podkolzin had strong outings in final evening’s 3-2 Canucks win over the Winnipeg Jets.

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Canucks speak: Kyle Burroughs and Vasily Podkolzin impressive in Canucks win

6 thoughts on “Canucks talk: Kyle Burroughs and Vasily Podkolzin impressive in Canucks win”

  1. i did a roof fall while the wife and kids were christmas shopping. wish my daughter's bed was on the driveway. no phone cams or youtube back then. great to see the canuck response.

  2. Something to hopefully build on. PP units had a new mix with some new faces and it paid off. They didn't have to kill off any penalties last night, so it'll be interesting to see if their PK is any better the next time they have to do that.

  3. Obviously Jim Benning and Travis Green are responsible for the victory just like they are responsible for the losses. lol I have really liked Burroughs and has been the Canucks second best defenseman behind OEL so far. His last half dozen games has been even better, he has deserved to be on the team and is getting better with each game. Podkolzin has been very good adjusting to the NHL game and is getting better with each game. His play without the puck has earned the trust of winning coach Travis Green and he deserves the extra ice time he is getting. I would like to see him move his feet a little more and get in on a few more bone crushing fore check hits. I really like this player, fantastic draft pick by winning G.M., Jim Benning. I would not pigeon hole Vasili into any slot, he may turn out to be the Canucks best player in a few years. Go Vasili Go.

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