Capitol riot committee to investigate Donald Trump ally Steve Bannon – BBC News

The committee investigating the Capitol riot has issued its first subpoenas of President Trump’s allies – together with Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon.

Mr Trump’s supporters stormed Congress in Washington DC on 6 January in a failed bid to overturn the certification of Mr Biden’s election victory in November.

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Greater than 500 individuals who entered the Capitol have been arrested on fees like assaulting law enforcement officials, impeding an official continuing and trespassing. Greater than 300 suspected contributors are nonetheless unidentified.

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Capitol riot committee to investigate Donald Trump ally Steve Bannon – BBC News

37 thoughts on “Capitol riot committee to investigate Donald Trump ally Steve Bannon – BBC News”

  1. Amazing…they have been investigating Trump since before he became president and produced nada of value and still digging for dirt. He is undoubtably one of the cleanest and least corrupt presidents of all time.

  2. why dont you investigate the fake jabs? look at Project Veritas, journalists that were able to record video of pfizer scientists admitting that our own immunity is better than the vaccine.

  3. Burn, loot and murder your way through a whole summer: nothing.

    Walk through doors that were opened for you by police, making sure not to cross beyond the ropes either side of the pathway: solitary confinement and charges of insurrection.

    We the people see what’s going on here. Mainstream media is wasting its time with its propaganda.

  4. Capital Riot committee political witch hunt don't care about the billions in riots the year before or the 50 people killed by BLM and Antifa or the woman that was shot by one of their security who was no threat to any one but was killed in cold blood by a "hero" or the fact they lied about the police man who they held in state after he died the day after the events from non related health problems or the riot out side the white house only a few weeks earlier were Antifa and their left wing supporter's encouraged by 4 years of lies by the media and the Democrats where trying to storm the building and calling for the murder of the Trump and his family and shouting for revolution (That's an Insurrection) and the BBC and their friend CNN who have spread propaganda and misinformation for the Democrat party for years BBC LIES all the time they tell half truths and all in the name of their activism The BBC is supposed to be UNBIASED

  5. BBC news are better at Hollywood than univesal studios. They're even better at pumping out propaganda than Joseph goebbels. They deserve the nobel peace prize 🏆😜

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