Carl Bernstein: McCarthy, Most Other Republicans Are ‘Cravenly’ Supporting Sedition

Carl Bernstein compares the trendy Republican get together’s response to former President Donald Trump to the response to Watergate and Richard Nixon, and asks the place the “brave Republicans” like Barry Goldwater are. He additionally says the “complete” of the Republican Get together, save Liz Cheney and few others, have “cravenly gone to sedition” by supporting a “seditious president.” 

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Carl Bernstein: McCarthy, Most Other Republicans Are ‘Cravenly’ Supporting Sedition

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Carl Bernstein: McCarthy, Most Other Republicans Are ‘Cravenly’ Supporting Sedition

24 thoughts on “Carl Bernstein: McCarthy, Most Other Republicans Are ‘Cravenly’ Supporting Sedition”

  1. AG Garland needs to make a strong statement about these Republican enablers of insurrection that snubs subpoenas and requests by committee!! This game play must stop!!

  2. I truly hope the new evidence and conviction of the leader of the oath keepers seals every single persons fate that has supported and lied about the election being stolen. I hope this is the death of the GOP.

  3. The Jan 6 Committee need to subpoena TRUMP ASAP…He needs to be charged with SEDITION and put in front of a Judge. It's an open & shut case and once convicted that will be the end of his foray into politics…

  4. Trump requested THREE TIMES with Nancy Pelosi be used on January 6 the NATIONAL GUARD
    Pelosi and Chris Wray preferred to use DIRTY FBI COPS lead by Ray Epps to SETUP a RIOT
    The VIDEO FOOTAGE uncovered is overwhelming that it was a SETUP to FRAME Trump
    Pelosi and Wray must hand over all their PHONE RECORDS .MSNBC are covering this up..

  5. The tRumptanic has finally hit the iceberg, and is taking on water. tRump is not unsinkable, either. By the time the GQP decides to start throwing women and children off lifeboats to save themselves, there won't be any lifeboats left.

  6. America is outraged now, then falls asleep again during the upcoming midterms so Republicans can finish their silent coup, stacking Congress and the courts with partisan hacks who find legal loopholes to steal away civil rights from the people they are supposed to represent

  7. I'd like to know where are the "patriots" on OUR side? IF these were BLACK or BROWN and even ASIAN folks, some form of government entity would have turned these fools into Swiss Cheese as a show of force and act as an example to anyone else considering such action! Janet Reno is turning over in her grave! WHERE are the BALLS needed to deal with these folks?

  8. A lot of triggered Trump worshippers trying to deflect now that fake electors, seditious conspirators, etc., are proving that they are complicit in treason.

  9. McCarthy's refusal to testify seems obvious, considering his change of heart about the insurrection being Trump's fault AFTER his little trip to Mar-a-Lago: Trump has dirt on McCarthy that is damning and permanently damaging to his political career. Trump has dirt and McCarthy under his nails and that forensic evidence is exactly what his republican co-conspirators don't want released.


  11. But he did in fact stage a coup, thank goodness it just happened to fail. If he and his traitorous allies of the r party aren't held accountable, it happens again.

  12. Until people like Kevin can disengage from riding tRUMPs leg without being prosecuted for crimes of not protecting the U.s.Constitution as he swore to do in his oath of office, Leo's will continue to support the orange clown who intends for policing by force with zero accountability just like it's always been. Remember they have yet to find a problem because they police themselves. The good apple is the minority the bad apple's have unions to hide behind while on administration can't find any body cam footage.

  13. With the orange agent and all the other repub radicals seeing no consequences for their acts of seditionist treason, the US is now a clear and present danger to other democracies and the rest of the world.

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