Chris Christie Says 'Grievance Is Not The Path Forward' For The GOP

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie discusses what he thinks the trail ahead for the Republican Occasion is and says it’s not by the pathway of grievance that Trump is displaying.

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Chris Christie Says 'Grievance Is Not The Path Ahead' For The GOP

37 thoughts on “Chris Christie Says 'Grievance Is Not The Path Forward' For The GOP”

  1. Nicole Wallace has claws. Who knew! I was a big Nicole fan before but that gave me goosebumps. 😁 And in doing so she exposed Christie's well disguised craven disingenuousness.

  2. Nicolle Wallace, great interview.., Chris Christie so bad Blaise . You can be on the fence about all this.. wants to pleased with the maga base 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. She’s a total genius! I just love her so much! She’s the smartest person in the whole wide world! She should be the president because she would be the best politician of all time! She’s just great! Her teeth are so strait snd her skin is so beautiful too! She’s absolutely flawless! And her hair is on point! And her nose is just the right width snd length! But I really wish her skin was a few shades darker then she’d be perfect!

  4. It astounds me that no matter how stupid these guys look when they’re completely called out every time for their selfishness and ridiculous claims in desperate attempts to satisfy 45, they continue to get re-elected. Sadly, lately, actions don’t speak louder than words, at least not for the “Republican party” or 45’s supporters.

  5. Ahhhhhhhh Chris Christie, stop wasting your time, you will never be PRESIDENT. Find yourself a good GIG where you can be a Spoke Person! Again…, not President Material, you just don't have it!

  6. To partially quote Shakespeare, "What's past is prologue…"

    Occasionally Chris Christie makes sense and I believe has good intentions. However, there is too much of his own past and guilt by association to get my vote.

  7. The path forward certainly isn’t Chris either. I like how he pretends like he’s not an actual fascist and tries to make you think he’s different. He’s not.

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