Chris Pratt's First ET Interview on the Set of 'Everwood'

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You realize what we’d like? One more reason to like Chris Pratt! Whereas many individuals are simply realizing Chris’ awesomeness, ET has had a gentle spot for the star since 2002. We dug into our ET vault to seek out our very first interview with the star…and it is hilarious.


Chris Pratt's First ET Interview on the Set of 'Everwood'

40 thoughts on “Chris Pratt's First ET Interview on the Set of 'Everwood'”

  1. And 17 years later, the guy still has the same humor, the same sweet charm, the same fun-loving attitude, and the same genuine spirit that made him the beloved star he is today. We love you, Chris! From then, to now, and most probably always! 🙂

  2. He wasn't the "star" of Everwood but it was his first big gig–and I would rate the first season of Everwood as one of TV's best series. Great writing, great acting. It's out on DVD and it's definitely worth a look.

  3. god I love him. him being a dork just makes me love him more lol the reactions of people around him when he starts being silly is hilarious. they're like oh boy here we go hahaha

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