CIVIL WAR: Mike Pence "Ashamed" of Trump, Might Steal His Voters in 2024!

–Former White Home Communications Director Alyssa Farah says that Mike Pence is “ashamed” of Trump and may run in 2024 to attempt to take his voters

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Broadcast on November 15, 2021

#davidpakmanshow #trump #mikepence

CIVIL WAR: Mike Pence "Ashamed" of Trump, Might Steal His Voters in 2024!

30 thoughts on “CIVIL WAR: Mike Pence "Ashamed" of Trump, Might Steal His Voters in 2024!”

  1. I don't think anyone will sway all those remaining crazy and delusional trump supporters…. as they blindly believe old orange peels lies and senseless BS, above rational logic and the truth.

    But hey it's all a ponzi game anyway.

  2. I agree , republicans fighting helps dems , for sure . Obviously we can't have a second helping of Trump .We can't have any GOP president because they've shown us , not just their true colors , we already knew their brand .But their cowardice , their embarrassing deference to such a dopey , doltish , gassy bag of wind surprised me . I thought republicans at least had more respect for our country and for themselves.
    But I don't understand why you say we ( dems) don't have anything going on. Biden's been in office for 10 months , we're out of Afghanistan , yes it was messy as hell , I imagine he would give anything for a redo , but …we're out , infrastructure is passed , working on Build back better .. We're back in the Paris climate agreement. He reversed ownership of sacred lands back to the Native Americans that trump had slated for mining. In fact he's fixing many trump fuck ups . Postmaster Joy is on his way out . The 1/6 committee is rolling along . I hope he gets rid of the filibuster to safeguard voting rights , That's a must .I think he's warming up . Not to mention the stimulus help we got .We really in pretty good shape. We gotta get the word out though , and all this inflation talk is not Bidens doing it's the pandemic and its global . This is how they scare people . This is how they keep minorities and poor folks of any color down . And He'll get to immigration reform , I have every faith that he'll do this ….And more .

  3. Alyssa left out that Pence is a servile bootlicker who won't stand up to Trump or run against him. Even after Trump tried to get him hung, he kept quiet. Still won't say anything. Same with Cruz and others, Trump attacks them, they roll over and wet themselves like puppies.

  4. You underestimate the boost Trump could get for defeating Republicans again. If he runs unopposed, he will get very little media attention compared to 2016. If he runs and cements himself as the chosen Republican he will get a boost from his fan base and a boost from the media spectacle.

    Republicans fall in line, they already did it for Trump in 2016. Plenty of people didn't want to vote for Trump but did anyway.

  5. Makes me think that any person in that primary will have to back the big lie, but furthermore, say that it won't happen to them and that they will send in the troops to stop a transition of power. Pompeo comes to mind.

  6. Liz Cheney will run and will pick up just enough voters to sink trump. That would be epic!
    Liz to Trump after the election; ‘how do you like them apples, orange boy’?

  7. playing devils advocate, i dont understand why the GOP spin Dr's and trump didnt just say he didnt really loose, it was the fact that no incumbent could have won considering covid, and trump could have saved face and say if he couldn't win no one could. and just go away and fill the world with false claims of being the best, doing the most etc. but by saying it was literally stolen at the ballot box, it makes it too easy to disprove

  8. Pence has a pet grand-rabbit, because his daughter has one and brought it in the White House. Trump has never even owned a dog. If you think about it, Pence is just not nearly psychotic enough to appeal to Republicans. He's a closeted nice guy.

  9. Please please please go vote in the midterms like our country/ children's lives depend on it.. and don't be on social media complaining about Biden because it will just turn popular opinion to favor the Republicans and that insanity.. please put on your happy face, gas prices wouldn't be better if Trump was in there right now, inflation is global not just here.. I can't beg you enough to not let Trump get his hands back on power.. 1 vote in the midterms is worth 2 in 24!!! If our grand parents fought wars to save America the least we could do is vote.. we are the lucky ones who survived Trump.. next time we won't be so lucky

  10. Pence was a submissive as it is possible to get. He said NOTHING about trumps outrageous behaviour and crimes and even at the end, all he did was his job and nothing more. He is weak and pathetic and everyone knows it.

  11. Probably: Hey, prez Pence, I have your instructions for the weekly agenda. First of all you have to call me after any phone call, text, tweet, or meeting… then you have to call everyone else and tell them what I want them to do… don't forget you will be coming to golf every weekend. I brought you an oval office warming present. It's a really nice shot of the gallows from the 6th. – 'you're still not my friend' Trump

  12. Pence would not be able to travel one block of mileage within a Republican primary. The very last thing those people want is a Mike Pence for President. He sold his soul and now he is paying the price. He has no credibility and no respect within the Republican Party. He may as well just stay home and read a book.

  13. Pence simply does not poll well with Republican voters. They want someone who will take the fight to the establishment Democrats in Washington. Someone like Ron DeSantis or Josh Hawley. They see Pence as a beta male and they want an alpha male. Pence = Dan Quayle. He was vice president but has little political base and little political future. He probably couldn't even win in his home state of Indiana. A few very religious Republicans would back him because they know he actually is an evangelical Christian, not just someone who pretends to be Christian to get elected, like most politicians. Whether Pence runs or not is immaterial because he has little support anyway.

  14. Mike Pence has the spine of a jellyfish. When the primaries come and Trump runs, Pence will bend the knee and vomit endless sound bytes about how Trump is better than Lincoln, the founding fathers and Jesus combined.

  15. The P-word: "Don't be a Pence." A k a, don't let a fascist run the country and stand by for 4 years only to realise right at the end that you may want to have intervened a bit earlier.

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