Colin Brazier: Elon Musk is a hate figure for woke people

Colin Brazier says ‘Elon Musk is not an eco vandal. In reality, his photo voltaic panel enterprise is a revolutionary step ahead for clear power.’

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Colin Brazier: Elon Musk is a hate figure for woke people

48 thoughts on “Colin Brazier: Elon Musk is a hate figure for woke people”

  1. Musk haters are the same people who admire the globalist and elitist that look down on them like insects. They are beyond repugnant and have a wake up call coming..

  2. "I hate billionaire freeloader Elon Musk." Millionaire freeloader Elizabeth Warren. By the way, Elon Musk paid more in tax this year than any American in history.

  3. Your son is correct. Elon Musk is brilliant. A very interesting guy ! The richest man on Earth right now. Musk pays 53% tax. And has done for years. So it’s BS about his tax. As if he would get away with not paying tax. He had government help when Tesla first started, but has paid back every penny with interest. People don’t know what they are talking about. Somebody started a bandwagon and idiots jump on it ! 😂👍♥️🇬🇧

  4. Some people promise, some people just talk, neither deliver, they just keep talking. Musk is a talker, his products fail all the time, yet you idiots keep buying them, why?

  5. I hate the fact that so many folk say: “No one NEEDS to be a billionaire. No one NEEDS that much money! It’s immoral!”

    Well, if you want to get to Mars (without stealing it via taxes to do it like the government would) you do. So it all depends on how big your dreams are.

    But then, even when someone comes along that shows them you do need that much money, they still hate him. Just can’t win with these envious types.

  6. You would think that an African American with a brilliant mind being the richest man in the world, would tick many of the regressives boxes (well I guess they just don’t like rich people no matter what).

  7. This year Musk has paid more tax than anyone else in human history. Also while he is spear heading the world’s transition to renewables and at the same time trying to make a “lifeboat” on Mars possible if something happens beyond human control, I.e. super volcano eruption, asteroid impact etc. he is hammered for not feeding people and not planting trees by Sanders, Reich etc,. What the hell are the governments for, if not to do this? Why are governments not already sorting out that fundamental care of the population at least and why do people think it is Musk’s job to do that as well as everything else? Why do governments , who are doing next to bugger all except wedging their own snouts in the trough and lining their own pockets, get a free pass relative to Musk who is actively planning long term to benefit humanity?

  8. We have so few heroes today. In my youth my heroes were Churchill and Shackleton and the NASA astronauts. One by one their men are being reassessed and discredited. I am not even sure my son has a hero.

  9. He's a free thinker who they can't control. Marxists hate that. Everything they do is designed to pull society apart.
    We need more people like him, not the psychopaths we have in charge.

  10. Well I'm a 77 year-old-kid I suppose. I think Musk is a brilliant phenomenon. Just look at the practical things he has achieved. It was predictable that woke people would not see the point of spaceflight or technical advances. They are modern Luddites (inseparable , no doubt, from their mobile phones) with not a single new idea in their heads. And instead of levelling down, Musk has views on how education should progress, and his intentions will undoubtedly bring horror to his woke critics.

  11. because someone who defies their limits defies God all the hate comes from God as a counter to the rebellious and another you are not leaving this planet to infect another, if the galactic neighbours find out what you are willing to do they will not side with your defiance and they will restrict your movement forcefully! you continue to put delusions in front of you to protect your pride and show no humility, it is the humble who are invited to the masters table if you think you can just come along and take a seat you have no idea what kind of world your dealing with and you will just be reminded by complete shock.

  12. I admire the fact Elon seems to not give a toss what people think, Musk does things because he puts his dreams and ideas into action, the left loathe anyone with creativity and determination who is willing to take risks.
    Elon I think has probably very little interest in how big his bank account is but rather like a bloke in a shed who fiddles around and makes things but on a much larger scale.

  13. You Remoaners are complaining about every little hic-up of Brexit that comes up in the news, us patriotic Brexit supporting farmers, fishermen and us courageous Brexiteer carworkers in Swindon are reaping the benefits of the fantastic success of our glorious Brexit. Why can't you just let us true blue Brexiteers wallow in our delirious happiness that we won our Brexit and that you lost your freedom of movement, farms, factories, NHS, democracy and the enthusiastic European labour force to power our economy. Get over it Remoaners.

  14. be careful about Elon Musk – he is a transhumanist so conservatives should be wary of his message as well – yes he is a genius and he says some brilliant things – but please do the research on transhumanism – not sure it is a movement that you want to be involved in and you should be able to sift through what Elon Musk is saying with some intelligence to be able to distinguish the message – his company Neuralink is heavily tied into the AI movement so not sure he is anti-AI either – do your homework like you would on any issue!

  15. Brilliant Report, thank you Colin. Lots of information I was unaware of who the man behind the myth was, and thought he was as the rest are, eyes are open now to the truth, now did he force the "jab" into his employees? As that sums up everyones true identity.

  16. I'm on universal credit and get £325 to live on for a month and out of that I have electricity, gas, food, Internet and anything else that arises…
    Its hell on earth my one bedroom flat looks like a place in the Soviet Union, full of rot full of damp the council don't care they are actively looking for big houses and priorities to house Afghan migrants in hotels

  17. I suspect Elon is not of this world, sent here to heave us off our backsides and push us, muttering and moaning, into a far more viable future…… 🤔👍

  18. I am not a woke person at all, he might be a brilliant businessman but he is an opportunist selling us a cynical dream that he has made up. His cars batteries are made from rare minerals that cannot be recycled and anybody today believes that we can all drive electric cars and be reliant on unreliable solar or wind and without including nuclear power is deluded.

  19. His wealth are pumped shares values by the biggest scam of the 21st century stock market of the capitalism!
    And Elon even admitted the $200 billion the taxman want a piece are shares which the stock market modelling inflated!

    You can become millionaire or billionaire if you invent an idea, fool investors it will hit the market by storm, introduce it to the stock market and watch the value of the company! Then sell the new company and go create new one and keep doing to get richer! And if all fail, let governments (taxpayers) to pick up the pieces!!!

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