Consistency = Bad Pick Up Game?

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Selecting up girls is a matter of persistently attempting and executing what you have realized. However like every part in life, it requires a great technique. You possibly can’t exit attempting to speak to girls every single day. It is advisable relaxation. Consuming and staying out late for a lot of days in a row can hurt your physique and have a adverse influence on different features of your life that may’t be balanced out by getting extra ladies. There is a steadiness to every part and that applies to going out and choosing up ladies too.

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Consistency = Bad Pick Up Sport?

8 thoughts on “Consistency = Bad Pick Up Game?”

  1. I work at a little sales job at the mall every weekend. It’s dope I get paid tips and whatever I sale. I could go to food court or any store and I’m calling people every 10 seconds. I’ve already get numbers but I feel like I never leave a good impression like I really need to work on that cuz they up losing interest. Basically I could approach girls like noting but I normally don’t cuz I can’t keep up a conversation for shit.

  2. this is important to note, running rotation and always gaming can be very draining and its easy to over do it. i myself just had a burnout moment reality recently, enough on rotation taking a break from the apps for a while gonna run what i have and push myself more in person.

  3. Kyle please tell us the same thing about daygame also.
    I usually game while going to my workplace and coming back and sometimes it feels very exhausting…

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