Daniel Goldman: Donald Trump Committed Obstruction Of Justice

A brand new Senate report lays out, in gorgeous element, the work Trump did has he tried to subvert the 2020 election simply as the previous president is reportedly pressuring aides to not cooperate with the Home choose committee investigating January sixth. We talk about with Sam Stein, Daniel Goldman, and Kimberly Atkins Stohr.
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Daniel Goldman: Donald Trump Committed Obstruction Of Justice

24 thoughts on “Daniel Goldman: Donald Trump Committed Obstruction Of Justice”

  1. We the elderly people know that trump's doing is strictly from Russia president Putin to see a real-estate. Just to see a conman beating the banks, stacking the courts,and hiding the virus from the American people.that took this country by surprise.

  2. We the elderly people have seen enough distraction from trump and his republican party. Stop ✋ the steal really mean Stop trump and the Republicans party from stealing the democracy. And the make America 🇺🇸 great again is to make America go backwards to a hundred yrs. Ago with the old white man's control and power over the people.

  3. Sadly, none of this is going to matter. The track record for justice is not very good when it is challenged by the powerful among us, and Trump has always known this, as well as the inherent putrid weakness of the current establishment an their lack of willingness and ability to anything about it. The artifacts of history are the closest thing to "truth" that we get, and this is what they depict:
    Nixon: guilty, no prosecution pardoned for the 'good of the country'
    Reagan: guilty but asleep, no prosecution
    Clinton: guilty, no prosecution
    Bush/Cheney: given a complete pass for war crimes we still live with by Obama
    Trump: above all law.

    All of these 'leaders' were guilty of varying degrees of abuse of the powers entrusted to them by We the People, and each abuse carried its own respective consequences, mostly benefiting the perpetrators and harming the rest of us. Ultimately, these criminals used what we gave them to make us all worse not better. Unfortunately, in no case has there been any capable offsetting leadership that was clear-minded enough to see past the 'any means to an end' kind of justification that keeps us in these ever worsening trajectories. We are as frogs in the ever increasing hot water, and Trump and his minions are just the next iteration of what has been happening all along. Mostly, this is because the US does not really elect presidents democratically; it just has rotating kings, selected by a minority of old, scared, white men, hidden by a thin(ning) veil of ignorance, fear and subterfuge, and whose self-serving missions are carried out by an abundance of low-character actors. This is what "American Democracy" is really comprised of, save for the very few conscious and principled ones who must always swim upstream against the currents of great peril and futility.

    Get rid of the filibuster. Prosecute the blatant crime that erodes and defiles our culture. Reform the Supreme Court, and restore Justice to We the People. Anything less is complicity, and simply proves the democrats to be feckless and impotent against their task, and the idea of Democracy to be defunct.

  4. Yea keep going. Get these crooks up there and if they lie they go to jail. Including killer trump. Get killer Trump's mob family on the stand and explain their dancing while people were being killed. They should all be in jail too.

  5. I swear, the only thing other than revenge that Donald J Trump breathes for is money. I wish I were a billionaire and I would pay the ransom for the American citizens release from the demented former President Donald J Trump.

  6. I think real people have more to worry about.. Some media are imitation pimps and ho's. People are blowing smoke and some of y'all are inhaling DEEP. I'm holding by breath to minimize the stench. Graduate of F University

  7. If only Trump was an actual loving caring HONORABLE AND HONEST human being who, as someone as he likes to screech every chance he gets, used to be president of the United States could just stand up and say look I'm wrong I've been wrong all along I lost, President Biden won, I'm going to do what Al Gore finally did when he saw the reality and State in public to everyone, Mr Biden is my president and I will support him fully. This is where it could end. His cult would be disappointed but they would get over it and then finally we could start to restore some sanity in this country, we could begin again.

    But we all know that the only thing Donald Trump loves and respects, isn't the flag, isn't this democracy, this Republic, these United States and the constitution, the rights and laws and freedoms that define and govern us. No. Donald Trump has no love for America. That's another lie. He just lives to worship one god and one god only`~the man in the mirror.
    He doesn't care about America or the American people, he just wants to own it all so he can go on committing crimes with impunity never having to answer for them.

    How can anybody~ ANYBODY support T H A T

    If he could just DO THE RIGHT THING EVER

  8. Amazing that Trump could get lawyers to actually threaten Trump's "use of executive privilege"~when he has none. NONE WHATSOEVER.. they are dishonestly, trying to assuage the fears of these men with another big lie, these false assurances that they will be safe because Trump will use this fictitious executive privilege. And they believe it how!!? How can they believe this when all you have to do is Google it?? I don't know about the others but Steve Bannon doesn't strike me as a stupid person. He's ignorant and he's unintelligent but you know he's no dummy in some ways. This is like a folie a deux, except it is a folie de neumbre~ a folly of many, instead of only two. Some ignorant, shared belief that Trump can exert executive privilege because he used to be president. I mean all they have to do is Google it, can't their own lawyers inform them that this isn't true?? I mean, I don't get it, nobody gets it, it's inexplicable. The absolutely only person who can exert executive privilege about anything at all is President Joseph Biden. Trump has as much executive privilege as I do.

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