Democrats MELTDOWN on Twitter over Rittenhouse

Who was the Largest Clown on this video?
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That is the Joey Saladino present the place Joey goes over every little thing within the information.
This can be a Republican / Conservative Information Commentary present.

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Democrats MELTDOWN on Twitter over Rittenhouse

12 thoughts on “Democrats MELTDOWN on Twitter over Rittenhouse”

  1. These political Leftist ass-wipes couldn’t hold a tune to defend themselves, they have bodyguards and feds covering their asses 24-7, if they did the same thing Kyle did, the media would scream “self-defense!”

  2. You’re RIGHT ON Joey!!! Keep up!!! You have a Good Balance of IQ, & Encouragement….. maintaining the balance of Normal thinking Americans, yet allowing Good Democrats to come back and regain their Mentality!

  3. It’s absolutely unfathomable that these people actually think Kyle just randomly started shooting people. I don’t believe that for one second. They are lying and being malicious because they want to create chaos.

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