'Do you regret your lies?': Reporter asks Donald Trump; watch his response

US President Donald Trump confronted an uncomfortable query throughout a press convention on the White Home. A reporter requested President Trump is he regretted mendacity to the folks over the past 3 years. A visibly uncomfortable Trump was shocked to listen to the query after which requested him once more. When the reporter repeated the query, President Trump quietly moved on to a different query from one other reporter. The transient alternate left different reporters and the President himself shocked for some time. Watch the total video for all the main points


'Do you regret your lies?': Reporter asks Donald Trump; watch his response

36 thoughts on “'Do you regret your lies?': Reporter asks Donald Trump; watch his response”

  1. How ironic for Fa** News to ask such a question. I’m working on a video that will do a great job showing the media’s deceptive tactics and clear biases we all have gotten to know so well. The media is Trash, they know it and they know we know it. I will include their Garbage ratings as well. Going back and watching these pathetic Walking haircuts some call “reporters” asking their click bait questions has gotten frustrating tbh. It’s beyond apparent that these people have sold out to and now work for the Democratic Party. It wasn’t always like this…..

  2. I only trust and believe in Jesus (YAH'shua) 100%…He ALWAYS tells the truth because He is the truth. Not Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden, or the Pope…PERIOD.

  3. This fake, lying and stupid, paid corrupt Reporters.. Do you miss him yet? America do you miss him yet?

    Silence is the best answer given to a fool. A brilliant and matured answer, from a matured president given to a stupid report asking a stupid lying question. A lier asking a lying question..

  4. Like a kick in the sack, caught on film. Yet He moves on like, globally goop just blasted Him in the face. Trump should of said "lies You want lies cause I can lie " what difference would make. Instead He acts and looks just like a punk.

  5. Who was that reporter, clearly of Indian descent (looks like he could be related to Sanjay Gupta or something)? No wonder the HINDUSTAN TIMES uploaded this video on YT.

  6. All the lies that all the president have done. This one is the president of law and order. And Biden is the president of justice for all. What a bunch of lies. Take an oath to the constitution and step all over it and watch the American people have there rights ripped away and sit at the top with there bullies under them and beat them into submission. But what ever you do don't make them and prove them to be evil because they will mark you a terrorist and put you away where you can't be heard.

  7. No response because it's a dumb question, he wasn't stunned. He just recognized the reporter was being an asshole and moved on. Nothing to see, what's he supposed to do stand up there and take the question seriously??

  8. He couldn't tell the truth(no l don't regret lying)and he couldn't lie(yes l do…). It would have been outstanding if the next reporter had asked the same question.
    Great video btw!😄

  9. These are the reasons Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sec Janet Yellen are too stupid to be considered human:
    They both turn their noses up at corporations as gimmicks of the profit making rich.
    1.) The alternative to working for corporations is to work for the government – so, they think, who needs corporations meddling in, making profits?
    Well, suppose everyone worked for the government and were paid out of collected taxes. The gov would pay 100% of peoples' salary but tax back only about 20%.. You could not do that for more than a week (losing 80% per person).
    Enter the Corporation which I call a perfect economic system, because:
    If nobody cheats, there is no built-in victim. Employees get paychecks paid out of gross profits, not collected taxes. Customers get products, goods and services and investors get dividends and stand to lose if the corporation fails and win if the corporation succeeds. Employees often have options to buy stock in their employer. All employees pay income tax on the money they earned, paid out of gross profits adding new money to gross collected taxes.

    Speaker Pelosi and Sec Yellen should note that corporations are the life blood of the economy. Money would not be worth anything if you couldn't buy goods and services with it and corporations provide valuable goods and services people want.
    So why is Sec Janet Yellen afraid of other contries lowering corporate taxes too low? Is Janet Yellen seeing a shrink?
    Pres. Donald J. Trump lowered Corporate taxes from 39% to 21% making the United States very attractive to CEOs and entrepreneurs on the world stage. Corporation that had left the US under Obama to set up shop in China, South America, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, etc.. came back to set up shop in the USA. Subsequently 7m new jobs with respectable salaries and hefty income taxes increased gross collected taxes. And it proved that cutting Corporate taxes resulted in increased tax revenue.

    So why did Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her minion, Pres. Joe Biden, raise taxes?
    Pres. Trump taught the Democrats that the proper way to run a government is to cut corporate taxes to attract corporations from overseas who pay their employees well and the USA can benefit by collecting income taxes on more highly paid employees.

    You two ladies, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sec Janet Yellen, have to look yourselves in the mirror. Are you really that stupid that, after Pres.Trump demonstrated the right way to run a government, you have to do it wrong?

    Taunting and provoking your political adversaries is criminal as exceptions to the first Amendment. If a Federal Grand jury is convened and finds that your actions together with Pres, Joe Biden's thing with the Keystone Pipeline and the Russian-German pipeline, constitute Taunting and Provoking God loving Trump supporters, you may kneel down and commense saying your prayers!


    Jack Darby


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