Donald Trump “African Americans built this nation” #shorts

Donald Trump “African Americans built this nation” #shorts

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44 thoughts on “Donald Trump “African Americans built this nation” #shorts”

  1. Democrats will say he didn’t mean it. He did and still feels this way. I worked with a black gentleman who used to work at Trump’s building in NYC. Said he would walk in everyday and greet every single person. Knew most of them by name. Take off the blinders and realize how much the media has lied to you about this person

  2. Sooooo f**k the native’s that we’re already here? just asking for myself because I’m native american,
    I mean we don’t even get credit for getting killed off so many different people can live here 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
    Nothing but love for Trump, he came to the reservations, not many presidents have…

  3. You can tell when some light bulb switches on in his tiny brain when he says things off script like "I dont know if you know that" because he literally just read it and had never thought it before. 🤡

  4. Republicans have done so much more for my African American Brothers and Sisters. The Democrats just lie to them for their vote…go back and research the last 60 years

  5. Na he playing the politician you can't believe he meant it. 😆 🤣 😂
    Me: yup just like he accomplished everything he promises when he became president. Ohh and all ya paying back the stimulus. Enjoy the price at the pump.
    Vamos Brandon.
    Yala Brandon
    Let's go Brandon
    Allons Brandon
    lascia andare Brandon
    le të shkojmë Brandon
    laat gaan Brandon
    biranideni inihīdi
    linadhhab brandun
    Yekek’ gnank’ Brendon
    Gedək Brandon
    Bryānḍana yā'i
    Goazen Brandon
    Pojdziem, Brendon Pojdziem 😆 🤣 😂
    Idemo Brandon
    Da vŭrvim Brandŭn
    pusni Brandŭn
    Brandon swarrraaaung
    anem Brandon
    Tara na nga Brandon
    😆 🤣 😂 translator 🏌️. '

  6. I dont recall seeing this on any news media….they want to keep repressing the black community and labeling Trump a racists. Keep us separated based on our culture, race and religion while they run with their own agenda. This country should be embarrassed how they attempt to keep us divided.

  7. Yo. I love my black people. I have a land on the country part of Florida. Wild woods. And I love to see my black brothers on horses. I hate to be separate by leftist. We all brothers.

  8. Donald Trump had a good relationships with all ethnicities when he was a real estate magnet. It's time somebody said this out loud. Democrats started the KKK

  9. Ahh fuck, I just became a voter. Am I supposed to look down my nose at myself now? I’m Jewish so I could actually give directions with it like my native fiancé can with her bottom lip. 🤣

  10. Man how much Trump changed his tune to try and get more votes. Went from not allowing black people in his properties to this and some dumbasses believe him. He is right that African Americans are just starting to get credit and it is because of the progressive left wing policies and actions and definitelu not the right wing Republicans. If it was down to right wingers USA would still be in the 1800s early 1900s when these idiots keep saying was the golden age.

  11. I’m not against the man by any means…. But just remember, “the things a person will say when they want something to go their way”. Words are words…. Do you honestly think he would of had this kind of conversation with anyone if he wasn’t trying to win presidency and keep his ego at the same time?

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