Donald Trump attacks George W. Bush on 9/11, Iraq

The Republican debate takes a dramatic flip as Donald Trump and Jeb Bush conflict over former President George W. Bush’s file on nationwide safety.

Donald Trump attacks George W. Bush on 9/11, Iraq

32 thoughts on “Donald Trump attacks George W. Bush on 9/11, Iraq”

  1. As a Muslim Arab American/ Canadian. I salute you trump I know many of my people won’t like me for this but think about it. Trump is the ONLY us president that called out the bs of the war on terror and the war in Iraq, he’s the only one that spoke the truth.

  2. If George Lied about weapons of mass destruction, that’s rough. But I firmly believe There was no stopping America from a 8 year war response to 9/11. Those terrorists woke something in us and they are savages unfortunately. Not the good people. I’m talking about the terrorists that feel it’s okay to butcher their own people.

  3. Democrats should recognice that their party is the one who sended people to war, dark business and aloud foregein without money or jobs instroduce to a society that would fail. Republicans are who must take care when the potatoe starts to burn, democrats ruined everything.

  4. I still fail to understand why America is so in love with the Bush family. The Bush family are a criminal cartel godfather crime syndicate but time and time again America just forgets. You reap what you sow. Trump said the right things just to get elected; but once elected he did nothing; he bent over to the real masters of America and the world and became their puppet just as Obama and Joe Biden had been or are their puppets. All these people whether red or blue are liars of the highest order, no exceptions.

  5. The president that destroyed this country was Bush: Iraq War and the Great Recession. Trump was the opposite and why people went after him is mind boggling. Maybe it's the gaslighting contributed by the media, who knows.

  6. Life sometimes an annoying meaningful contradictions , if America didn’t enter iraq in 2003 we wouldn’t have a baby democracy trying to walk now in iraq , but as a collateral damage to this so many people killed

  7. That "security apparatus" has been turned into a liability for the American citizen. And the Iraq war WAS a colossal mistake. Like it or not, we must acknowledge the truth.

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