Donald Trump Calls Madea

Trump is cold-calling undecided voters, and the primary one he talks to is Madea.

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Donald Trump Calls Madea

Donald Trump Calls Madea

41 thoughts on “Donald Trump Calls Madea”

  1. I said I'm in your ass I believe on what oh here you go we the people in order to perform a more perfect union established controversy common defense self welfare let me know yourself welfare and I know damn that's stupid

  2. I see you be first Donald Trump get out that office it's going to be an attempt called assassination of the president has to get out just one read it hear it I said get out now you got to understand I said military police strikes first that don't mean they're going to strike a country that mean when the drug dealers come out and his wife really go on they going to have to call me military police at the highest police you get who else is going to call Ghostbusters

  3. Is your biggest concern concerning the election that's a probably question my dear probing p r o b i n g probe one question constitutes another answer a question and answer instructions of a conversation Madea

  4. And I'm a former employer employee of voter consumer research plaza research Townsend tornail research incorporated and also Texas association Texas rangers association and Houston they won't be back

  5. A month to the damn b e a this voted for Donald Trump I voted for George W bush okay I'm a black ass Republican I believe in capital punishment I believe the captain that ass

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