Donald Trump calls out fake news cameraman

Former President Donald Trump blasts the fake news media, the group erupts in laughter and extra – through Newsmax.

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Donald Trump calls out fake news cameraman

35 thoughts on “Donald Trump calls out fake news cameraman”

  1. Wait until you see who else is fake news. All of these science and music reporters on your entertainment shows should be investigated as intellectual property pirates. I know from personal experience because they stole my intellectual property.

  2. Big tech is on the chopping block!
    Democrats are corrupt to the very core. Bidens, ol knee pads Harris, Clinton's, Obama, Soros, Maxwell, say it with me "Guantanamo!" What ever happened to Epstein's footage and Hunters laptop?

  3. God bless President Trump, a simple straight forward message to make people aware of what's going on.
    The people who have simple common sense understand. Which means Democrats don't.

  4. When I heard the things they were getting twisted, I looked those subjects up. I found out what Trump's real stance was and looked at his ideas for changing to help the country.
    If they weren't lying so much, I probably wouldn't have found out he is the best man yet to be our president.

  5. Russia Russia Russia, Jan 6th, Jan 6th, Jan 6th. Our great leader has been out of office for 6 months now and the fake news media is still talking up these fake stories 24/7. They will do whatever they can to stop Trump from running in 2024.

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