Donald Trump Jr. Gets HUMILIATED Over His Daddy

Donald Trump Jr. will get humiliated by Ana Navarro on The View. David Shuster breaks it down on Insurgent HQ.

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Donald Trump Jr. Gets HUMILIATED Over His Daddy

38 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr. Gets HUMILIATED Over His Daddy”

  1. This young man Don Jr ,, why is he following Daddy to the out house , to wipe his Butt, Just be a man and tell Daddy to stop bullying the American people

  2. Projection will Always be a tool in the Trump box. JR. always looks lit up. He should worry about the money running out. Ahhhhh…… just remembered they are grifters. As long as there are space cadets willing to part with their money, their bank account will always be stuffed.

  3. We love you Trump stand up for your right from Ireland ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️ God bless you Trump and you family

  4. I love Ana Navarro! One of the few conservatives who remembers when parties could disagree in a civil manner.
    Trump turned the Republican Party into a laughing stock. The only thing more idiotic are Republican supporters. Whenever, you take medical advice from FB, then you've lost credibility.

  5. Ana you need to step away from the buffet. It sounds like Donald Jr was correct! And Trump isn't stupid he was the greatest President in modern history. You are just jealous.

  6. Don Jnr should tell us why the banned Russian bank Alpha Bank's server looked up the Trump Tower server every single day during the 2016 election campaign period. What's all that about Junior?

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