Donald Trump Met His Match In Omarosa | Zerlina.

A choose dominated that the NDA Trump used towards former White Home aide Omarosa Manigualt Newman is unenforceable. She joins Zerlina to speak about her win, and her expertise within the Trump White Home.

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Donald Trump Met His Match In Omarosa | Zerlina.

42 thoughts on “Donald Trump Met His Match In Omarosa | Zerlina.”

  1. Dude that is an exceptional insight about his take on kids. I am kinda like that with kids. When I volunteer I am asked
    "Ms Johnna, why do you want me to wash my hands again?"
    "Because they've both been in your nose, honey."
    But it was no use, I still got caught up on every pathogen in my city! It takes a year to catch up with all their germs 😂🤣
    But Trump knowing this makes his handling of the pandemic all the more baffling. Like what is the logic?

  2. It's precisely because of people like Omarosa that so many Republicans refuse to believe former Trump White House staffers who spill the beans on the former President.

  3. Hey folks if you don’t like Trump why are those of you constantly talking about him, are you worried about something? Blow it out your bagpipes, we don’t care what you think.

  4. Never cared for her, NEVER will. She is very narcissistic. She was up his ass until they got rid of her and Trump didn't take up for her. If he had taken her side and they had not gotten rid of her, she would still be up his ass. That is how disgruntled people act when they are ignored by the one that they have worshipped. They are hurt and angered so they go out and write a book about these very well known people to bring them down to soothe the anger
    Inflicted upon them. I've seen Trump speak since the Omarosa demise and he appears very alert. This statement does not represent who my party is, this is about my perception of Omarosa in this instance.

  5. Other than his obvious decline, isn't it also true that he rarely slept? It was said that he got 1,2 hrs of sleep per night. That would definately produce lack of clarity, judgement, recall, syntax, and slurring of words.
    It would eventually hasten dementia and delusions.

  6. HAHA funny that these lefties was laughing at Omarosa non stop and saying she was the cliche of the ABW and being a bitch. Now they're kissing her ass….such hypocrits

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