Donald Trump Monologue – SNL

Donald Trump is joined by Taran Killam as Donald Trump and Darrell Hammond as Donald Trump. Plus, Larry David makes a shock look.

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Donald Trump Monologue – SNL

30 thoughts on “Donald Trump Monologue – SNL”

  1. How ignorant are the majority of people who watch this and have their mind blown. Trump was very popular with many things he did — WWE, Miss America, The Apprentice, the list goes on… but as soon as he puts his hat in the political ring BECAUSE he was a popular figure, people immediately called him a racist because he is Republican. His position was to secure the border and protect America not giver orders that promoted racism like people suggest. We STILL have a big problem at the border due to Americans not taking the border crisis seriously. He dared to take it seriously. After 911 and watching the twin towers fall down he took American security very seriously. Too bad the current administration doesn't. Trump was willing to poke fun at himself, he admitted character flaws but was always straight forward and unfiltered which most people want to be lied to and pretend like everything is just fine when there is a crisis. This was the last year when we could generally laugh as Americans both left and right.

  2. NBC just 4 months before this fired Trump from The Apprentice for his Mexicans are Rapists speech
    Then they bring him back to host SNL
    As if nothing happened.
    This was a classic example how the media enabled this racist misogynistic hate monger ignoramus to have a run at the Presidency

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