Donald Trump Reacts to the Ahmaud Arbery Guilty Verdicts

Donald Trump reacts to the conviction of Abmaud Arbery’s murderers.

Donald Trump Reacts to the Ahmaud Arbery Guilty Verdicts

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34 thoughts on “Donald Trump Reacts to the Ahmaud Arbery Guilty Verdicts”

  1. Sir, you are so right, as you know.
    Those patriots should have fake-cried for Darryl Strawberry.
    I personally know many baseball fans in the town of Georgia, and
    excuse me … excuse me …
    Strawberry was a fine AFFrican-American player, as you know. And of course, we have to find that server, folks.
    And we'll see what happens.

  2. Standard reaction of nervousness when a gun is pointed in my direction, Sir, share Kilie Rottenhouse's visit to your kingdom recently, Happy 🦃🦃 to you and your family J-L

  3. 🤣🤣I'm sure Stephon Marbury will be wondering how he got tied into this verdict!! It's a great day!! I say thanks for this laugh with all my Maga manners.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, sir Mr. President: Sorry about bad news for the holiday. More evidence of the corrupt Deep State. Such a travesty of justice would never be allowed to happen under your great DoJ, sir. A sad day for America.

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