Donald Trump Sings Without Me by Eminem

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Guess who’s again
Again once more
Trump’s again
Inform a buddy
Guess who’s again, guess who’s again
Guess who’s again, guess who’s again
Guess who’s again, guess who’s again
Guess who’s again
I’ve created a monster
‘Trigger no one desires to see Biden no extra
They need Trump, I am chopped liver
Properly in order for you Trump, that is what I will provide you with
A bit of little bit of weed combined with some exhausting liquor
Some vodka that’ll soar begin my coronary heart faster
Than a shock after I get shocked on the hospital
By the physician after I’m not co-operating
Once I’m rockin’ the desk whereas he is working
You waited this lengthy, now cease debating
‘Trigger I am again, I am on the rag and ovulating
I do know that you simply acquired a job, Ms. Pelosi
However your husband’s coronary heart downside’s complicating
So the FCC will not let me be
Or let me be me, so let me see
They attempt to shut me down on my Twitter
But it surely feels so empty, with out me
So, come on and dip, bum in your lips
Fuck that, cum in your lips, and a few in your tits
And prepare, ‘trigger this shit’s about to get heavy
I simply settled all my lawsuits, fuck you Nancy !
Now this seems to be like a job for me
So all people, simply comply with me
‘Trigger we’d like a little bit, controversy
‘Trigger it feels so empty, with out me
I mentioned “This seems to be like a job for me”
So all people, simply comply with me
‘Trigger we’d like a little bit, controversy
‘Trigger it feels so empty, with out me

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Donald Trump Sings Without Me by Eminem

37 thoughts on “Donald Trump Sings Without Me by Eminem”

  1. true, George Herbert Walker Bush was the one who helped 60% Nazism and 40% Marxism-Leninism version of China to rip off The USA and etc from May 1990/ 31st January 1992 to 2017/ 2018. Najib Razak is ignored by My favourite POTUS of all time, Donald John Trump twice at APEC 2017. He is the best, most successful, most accomplished, most effective, and most hardworking POTUS of all time. Najib still does not comprehend the humiliation that we have ever faced in our country, Malaysia. I am a Malaysian Chinese who is a Pentecostal and Charismatic Christian aka Born again Christian. I was born on 8th December 1997 in Brunei. Betul Ju, Ketua Penyamun dan Penyangyak 1MDB, FELDA, Tabung Haji, KWSP dan GST dan Pembunuh juga ialah Bossku Najib Tun Razak, Bossku Mama Rosmah Mansur dan Jho Low. Presiden Donald John Trump sudah mengabaikkan dia dua kali di APEC 2017. Dia tidak tahu kemalauan. Walaupun Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad mempunyai kelemahan dan kebaikkan aka sumbangan yang baik, Tun M juga dihormati oleh negara-negara besar di dunia ini macam Amerika Syarikat, Rusia, Cina, UK, Perancis, Jerman, Jepun dan etc. Saya adalah salah satu penyokong-penyokong yang tegas Presiden ke-45 Amerika Syarikat, Presiden Donald John Trump. And also, Bush Sr wanted to divide Israel in the same year when he restored MFN status of 60% of Nazism and 40% of Marxism-Leninism Version of China. HLKY and Tun M are also close to this person and his family tree and the Clintons too. They are employed by the CIA in the 1950s and 1960s during the peak and height of the Cold War. They have been haters of Donald John Trump even before he became POTUS since the 1980s. That is why They hated Trump very much. No, It is not a surprise that they did Covid-19 through Dr. Antony Fauci, O' Biden's administrations, Dr.Peter Daszak(EcoHealth Alliance) and etc.

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