Donald Trump visits NYPD on 9/11 anniversery

Saturday, former President Donald Trump visited New York Police Division on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11.

Donald Trump visits NYPD on 9/11 anniversery

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50 thoughts on “Donald Trump visits NYPD on 9/11 anniversery”

  1. He once volunteered to be a Principal for a day at a NYC public school. The saying was he use tissue on the rails when going down the stairs, and he donated a check for 2million to the school and voided the check and sent $200 instead. If that’s all true on top of everything else, I have every right to ignore this…

  2. He's out here speaking straight facts, while Biden over here squinting at a teleprompter and still getting the information wrong and lying to the American people!

  3. He even concerned to other police on the back to get a good picture so he ask to take another shot and let them to be infront 👏👏👏👏👏 real p.o.t.u.s

  4. The best about Trump is he doesn’t talk around and around like other politicians. He goes straight to the main point what he wants to say. He works for Americans. Not like the others…

  5. They did this on purpose they do not care about the people of the United States This West Exec administration are putting American people last. 🙄 get use to it and be on your guard for they do not care about you.😉

  6. There are still many people who would like to see the 14 pages that George Bush took out of the 911 report and luck up in a safe in the White House, who is he trying to protect, himself?

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