Donald Trump's Connection To The Mob | Sit Down with Michael Franzese

The billion greenback query… Did Donald Trump have ties to the mob?

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Donald Trump's Connection To The Mob | Sit Down with Michael Franzese

24 thoughts on “Donald Trump's Connection To The Mob | Sit Down with Michael Franzese”

  1. Thank you for your honesty about your ex-life. It's very interesting to hear the sad and tough reality of that life. Much success getting one million subscribers! It surely is possible.

  2. It's one thing to enjoy these videos, but it's quite another to make Michael a saint for coming forward with all of this information. He's been involved in illegal activities, and should not be praised simply for coming forward decades later. I do like these videos, and I appreciate the information, but I am not going to say I 'respect' Michael or 'like' Michael. I am not a fan of criminals in any form, at any time, and will stick by that statement. We have a culture that has made serial killers 'icons' before, so beware of falling into that kind of trap.

  3. True, biz dealings in nyc are impossible w/o mob. However, Trump's own son has said his family org recieved money from Russian oligarchs when they couldn't secure "legit" banking loans. FACTS!

  4. I know alot of people who voted for Biden that are regretting it rn lol… Idk about by you but gas is already over $1 more than it was when Trump was in office. Plus the vaccine mandate bullshit… I'd take a asshole over a delusional dictator.

  5. Any building built in NY back then some of your money would end up with the mob , I think there was a $ amount , if your project was so many dollars , basically every building a pay off went to the mob from the unions . Heck back then the mob had their fingers in almost every industry that involved money .Michael you laid the way it was very clearly , I'm sure some people would love to hear Trump was a mob associate and dealt directly with lots of mob guys.

  6. I feel nothing less the higher level of respect for you Mr. Michael.

    As a italian-brazilian i aways wanted to knew more about our culture, stories and everything in north america.

    Thank you for bringing this content, you lived an adventure's life, have a lot of stories and all.

    Cheers and God bless!

  7. Seeing as how all 5 NY familys were a part of the " cement club " who added a illegal tax to all concrete on jobs $2 million and above its impossible for Trump to not have had dealings with the Mafia ,dealings that were of no benefit to him or any other multi million dollar contractor ,when i was working in NY as a union construction foreman from Detroit the NY Roofing union sent mob goons to shake me down for 1 no show job for every 10 journeyman i brought from Detroit ,plus 1 NY union Journeyman for every Detroit Journeyman which the 1 for 1 goes the same way when other locals work in Detroit ,the 3 goons tried pushing up on me & within 30 seconds the mob goons were surrounded by MS-13 gang bangers working for me out of the detroit local ,i made sure to tell them Detroit aint scared of NY goons and our gang bangers made mob thugs look like armatures ,on day 2 i found 20 dead rats in & around my company truck ,later that evening my crew put up a ladder at the NY union hall and threw the dead rats down the buildings plumbing vent stacks to rott & create a foul odor in the bldg ,the harassment got so bad my truck tires would be cut everyday by the end of the day,i had to pay a 6ft 4 MS-13 member who had 1 eyeball blew out by a bullet and weighed around 280 lbs to sit in my truck with a 5ft steel breaker bar,i never paid for a single no show job & fired all NY Journeymen after buying a 3rd set of Goodyear wranglers for my truck ,and yes several of my crew were armed,heavily armed at all times .

  8. You literally admitted he was at a private social club you and other mobsters attended earlier in the video… and then go on to say, he never got favors, never attended social clubs with the mob. Show me the evidence!

  9. donny chump built a buliding high rise out of concrete at a time when no buildings of that size had been in a long time , no doubt he was laundering money for the mob , rudy was most likely eliminating members of opposing families when he was the DA , did he throw a couple low level guys from his own family under the bus to sell it ? sure he did …

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