Donald Trump's Coup Was Much Worse Than We Thought

New data reveals the tried Trump coup was a lot worse than the general public knew. John Iadarola and Michael Shure break it down on The Harm Report. 

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“A Senate Democratic report launched Thursday locations Rep. Scott Perry on the middle of efforts to assist former President Donald Trump overturn the 2020 election outcomes, urging different congressional investigators to additional probe his involvement within the runup to the Jan. 6 rebellion.

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Within the final weeks of Trump’s administration, in accordance with the brand new Senate Judiciary Committee majority report, the previous president requested Richard Donoghue — then the Justice Division’s second-in-command — for his cell quantity so lawmakers involved in regards to the election might name him. Perry (R-Pa.) was one of many lawmakers who ended up with the principal affiliate deputy lawyer common’s cellphone quantity.”

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Donald Trump's Coup Was Much Worse Than We Thought

45 thoughts on “Donald Trump's Coup Was Much Worse Than We Thought”

  1. what needs to happen to people like this one day they just don't wake up because these aren't real Americans acting like this these are traitors !!!!!!. and Trump is the number one trader of America

  2. I fail to understand with all this new evidence coming to light, why Donald the Wuss is not on trial for treason or sitting in jail. It is bad enough that he created tension around the world and during all that, spent almost one year of his term on the golf course. He used his position to enrich himself, and live the Billionaire lifestyle on taxpayer money. Private meetings with our enemies, making sure there would be no documentation of what was said. What was the wuss and Putin talking about that it was vital the the translators notes be confiscated.

    Donald the Wuss's argument about the election being stolen is not what he would like his followers to believe. I would guess that he arranged for a repeat of the 2016 meddling that led to his win in that election. This failed because of his incompetency and the fact that his own ignorance drove an overwhelming amount of people to the polls to vote him out of office. His "stolen election" moaning was that while he tried to cheat, it did not work and his plan to hide in office failed.

    As it is, it seems as though the government is dragging their collective feet. Hoping that Donald the Wuss will die of old age before they have to admit to the world that they allowed an addle-brained moron to the highest position in this country, and he used it to his criminal advantage. By doing so, it will allow the next egotist with dreams of being a tyrant a new chance to bring down Democracy.

  3. I for one have not moved on……Trump made an already bad situation WORSE….Trump bought all the hatetred,and on going racism to a whole new level… And Trump's following/ media that
    Continues to.follow and support Trump's criminal activities of fraud,hate,and violence. Is disgusting…. He's DISGUSTING…….It's Shameful how Trump manipulates our justice system for profit. And it looks like he will get away with what's worse than murder….. to me.

  4. Pretty sure I remember at the time saying as bad as you think it is it almost certainly much worse then we know it had to be if that's what we saw on the OUTSIDE let alone the inside it was always going to get worse

  5. Twice impeached, Failed/ Foiled Coup, Inciting Terrorism on The Capitol, Voter with Conspiracies to overthrow the Voting in Several States, 29 other Allegations Business-wise, he's a Solitary Man Now no Family Home Base.
    His name Trump is being Stripped from Every Building, Golf Course that displays that Name Worldwide.
    Djt should never be allowed to run for any political office ever again in his life he is Corrupt and shows
    Horrendous Contempt for Democracy.
    If not in Prison for these Atrocities he should be "Exiled" and his "Citizenship Revoked", since he doesn't want the American Way True Democracy to
    Americans Patriots
    * * * Exile Him * * *

  6. There's more than enough evidence. I know Trump will not be held accountable but there needs to be something in place to prevent him from running for any office in the US government. He is a fascist to the bone and does not respect the will of the voters or the American democratic election process

  7. And STILL the gutless Democrats DO NOTHING,… No indictments,. Nobody behind bars,. All the evidence the democrats have would put all of us in jail forever. If Trump was not in the picture it would have never happened. It was treason.

  8. Soooooo tired of hearing about trump, Giuliani, the pillow guy, tucker Carlson, mtg, aoc and idiot anti vaxxers. Nothing's being done about anything so unless someone starts whooping butt in Congress or whatever idgaf.

  9. This is so much deeper than tRump. It's Steve Bannon and Steven Miller, the weird Dominion religious nuts (and by "religious" I mean authoritarian), and those who push enormous amounts of money at them to create a "christian" – read authoritarian – country. It's the use of fear to control a huge segment of the population. And it did start with Reagan.

  10. Yet Germany continues to arrest and jail ex-Nazis who are in their 90s and 100s now. So what is it going to take for the US DoJ to finally get on the stick and throw the Nazi wannabe down in Mar-a-Lardo in the clink where he belongs?

  11. Media has been taking about this for a year with no justice or consequence to anyone while the American people have to endure trauma and economic hardship because of the former administration's complete ineptitude and fraud. You are all ridiculous for normalizing the notion that these people will not pay for their crimes. We know what happened and both republicans and dems and the media are all complicit. That fact that Trump is positioned to run again though he is a traitor and a complete fraud says it all about his backward country. America as we know it no longer exists. Its dead. Good bye.

  12. As an outsider, it was better than I expected. Thank your stars that Trump is so incompetent and lazy that he didn't manage to steal your election.
    Edit: He's also a coward.

  13. All those around Trump went along with it for some period – it was a precondition of being in his inner circle and how the "idea" built momentum. "Easter Pat" Cipollone was perfectly prepared to be the Drumpf consigliere for a silent coup, he just couldn't bring himself to be so blatant about it.

  14. Republicans are terrorists and criminals and they must suffer the loss of their representation because of Trump. He destroyed the trust we had in Democracy.

  15. We do care. But we’ve come to the realization that rich white men ARE ABOVE THE LAW. Tomorrow Trump can commitment another crime and nothing would happen. Next day, another, and nothing would happen.

  16. The media is supporting Trumps decisions right or wrong , there are agendas looking to be satisfied , Trump should be buried deep to avoid his stench .

  17. Trump 's mental sickness drives him more and more in to total insanity . He wants to be the " King of the world " so bad , he would throw his own family , wife or followers under the Bus

  18. One reason the right doesn’t seem to care is because they don’t know, their news sources did not show the attack live from start to finish like normal people news sources did. I personally find it hard to believe they seen zero footage of that day, I tend to think that they are just dishonest, immoral or stupid

  19. not to get too meta, but Michael's cohost input really highlights how poor many of the other cohosts are. You need to get more like Michael, who really know their shit.

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