Donald Trump's 'Fall From Grace' Accelerates Following 'Peril' Revelations

Rev. Al Sharpton addresses the previous president after males in his orbit had been hit with a wave of subpoenas. Nonetheless in pursuit of the large lie, Donald Trump is left along with his personal “desperation and mistake”, says MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Donald Trump’s ‘Fall From Grace’ Accelerates Following ‘Peril’ Revelations

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Donald Trump's 'Fall From Grace' Accelerates Following 'Peril' Revelations

39 thoughts on “Donald Trump's 'Fall From Grace' Accelerates Following 'Peril' Revelations”

  1. Trump is nothing more than a "wanna be dictator", our only hopes are that come Nov. 2nd, the Democrats vote the rethuglican party into "the stone ages"!!!!

  2. There is no "Grace" in DT's fall. He's a bull in a china shop. He's also a bullshitter, which doesn't help either.Ask any women or American who isn't white.

  3. He could stand there and tell a outrageous lie to so many smart leaders that know he is full of crap.
    What a fool with the hide of a Rhino but has no horn.

  4. Every other country, found him too be one sick Joke,except amerikkka…the other countries realized trump was the beginning of american Demise and all they had too do was sit back and watch the weakness!

  5. He was one big illegal Menus, that most was aware of from the door. Also most of us new it would take military too remove him,but the Insurrection January 6th proved Military and law enforcement backed his criminal behavior too a large large degree 🤷🏾‍♀️👀

  6. This DEMON is enjoying ever time people brings up his name. I thought when we voted him out that we wouldn't have to keep hearing his name everyday.

  7. I just saw the prime video movie called Trump. What he did to the people who owned the apartments in the buildings he bought around central park is horrifying. Trump harassed them by cutting off services through his lawyers and his power to leave the buildings. What he did was shameful and horrible.

  8. A man that surely doesn't doesn't have any idea of Grace. He's nothing now, and will remain a nothing. SMART PEOPLE has seen through him now. The biggest loser in the history of the world.

  9. Who cares election over. Even black comedians are laughing that obama became prez cause bush jr was so worthless. The same happened with regan and the dufus carter,
    When the wh congress go to the gop …..thank Biden the imbecile.

  10. This stupid little decertification mission you guys are on will be left dead by the side of the road, just like the unsuccessful Tea Party. Remember those idiots? The truth is that this decertification operation was on its way out the door long before you clowns smashed the first window at the Capitol. The Maricopa County election results will never be decertified and Donald Trump will lose again in 2024.

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