‘Don’t write Donald Trump off’ for 2024

Sky Information Washington Correspondent Annelise Nielsen says folks ought to “not write Donald Trump off” heading into the 2024 election.

“I’m not going to guess anybody as a result of, my God, take a look at what’s occurred in America,” she stated.

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“Who is aware of what the world’s going to appear to be subsequent yr, however don’t write Donald Trump off can be my tackle it.”

‘Don’t write Donald Trump off’ for 2024

48 thoughts on “‘Don’t write Donald Trump off’ for 2024”

  1. We are saving America and Americans America first always make America first and Americans come first for once start at the bottom and work your way up

  2. Because he believes like we believe we need to make America first make America strong and make it for American citizens close the borders and get Biden out of office get Hunter pinned to the ground and find out a lot of the swamp scum and get them out all the old Republicans and the Democrats we need a whole restructuring of this crap! We need to be loyal independent instead of having ships flood the ocean with oil instead of having tankers being brought over from Russia or anywhere we should have a ton of our own oil

  3. Mr Trump you better not wait til 2024 to come back. If you leave us abandoned til then, I personally who is one of your biggest promoters n sooo loyal to you n you alone, WILL NOT VOTE 4 YOU IN 2024. WE NEED YOU NOW!!!!°°°

  4. There will.be no America in 2024 ..can you not see we have traitors leading America right now and their goal is to destroy America..Obama and Biden both work for Iran…you'd have to have your head buried in the sand not to see this…Iran even told us this..

  5. It's not the question if Trump runs or not. You must understand the agenda. They stole it now with fraud. There will be no election in all western countries like the US,can,west Europe,Australia and on….you must see that now. Excample…us elections is stole. 3 months later the Dutch election is stole. What can you do if people still looking to the abc,CNN of this world. Qwuit with fb.. Twitter Insta.but people living in a matrix where they need that poison drugs. That is the problem. US you have 1 chance…you have weapons by law! Defence yourself. West Europe have nothing!!

  6. By 2024, we won't have an election system that is not completely rigged. 3 more years of a Biden Harris regime will be absolute disaster for what America was. Something leagally by Congress needs to be done to remove Biden now.

  7. Trump is a BS artist and IOWA love that. Yes, Trump will take America back to a dictatorship Republic. The world will laugh if this idiot will be a President again. America no longer worry about voting right as there won't be one.

  8. Australia depends upon the US for its security but Mr Trump and the donors who back him have no interest in our defence and are ideologically opposed to spending resources on such a task. Sky News Australia should bear that in mind before promoting him.

  9. it's possible, he gets a reduced prison sentence, and he'll be out with enough time to campaign? Sky News Australia is a twin of Fox news, both owned by Rupert Murdoch!

  10. I would never write him off I would get down and thank him for not giving up on the Americans. We might still have a chance. Stay strong Donald you got my vote over and over again. Love you president Trump. I hope I'm still alive in 2024 to see u back where you belong in office.

  11. Under the mobocratic dictatorship there is nothing againt the the law except standing for the Constitution, the laws of the USA and the rule of Almighty God.

  12. Write him off? If he runs, no one in Hell (meaning those on the left, who work overtime, paving a new record speed time to get there)
    will have a chance. Call them despicable. Call them treasonous traitors. That doesn't' bother them. They wear those descriptions as a badge of honor.

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