Elon Musk ALMOST hears the Gospel **Disappointed** (Babylon Bee Interview)

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Elon Musk ALMOST hears the Gospel **Disillusioned** (Babylon Bee Interview)

36 thoughts on “Elon Musk ALMOST hears the Gospel **Disappointed** (Babylon Bee Interview)”

  1. I don't think he would ever come to Christ, it would contradict his whole worldview. If he did come to Christ he would realize that his whole "colonize and explore space" philosophy isn't at all feasible or desirable.

  2. I don't feel like it was the right time and place to have a serious conversation about God. That's more of one-on-one thing with the cameras off, as the Lord leads.

  3. It was a podcast interview, people talk about different things. Try to make your guest feel comfertable is an art, they did that. talking about a lot of different things, as in a coversation. Not a church service, with single knowledge know it all, pastor who can only talk about one subject, in an obsessive way.

  4. Please turn to Jesus before it's too late, He's coming back for His Church soon. Jesus was crucified for our sins, was buried, and was resurrected on the third day. Through Him we get eternal life. If we reject Jesus, God's wrath remains on us, and we are in danger of hellfire. God loved us so much He sent His only son to die for us. If you hear his voice today, please don't harden your heart. The whole duty of man is to fear God and keep His commandments, and His commandments aren't burdensome 🙏💙

    John 3:16 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.

  5. Jesus is so very much more than just saying a few words in an awkward confrontation. True salvation is far more of a commitment than most people now would be interested in. We are saved by the grace of His sacrifice on the cross, to be sure. Nothing "works-wise" that we do gets us into Heaven, but the relationship needs to be on a strictly personal level. Preach the true Gospel, debate on the truth of God's Word, allow others to ask pointed and uncomfortable questions about what the Word tells us of our Savior. Elon is a very intelligent man and I would love to speak to him and answer what questions I could, but I am wholly unqualified to speak to all of what he said about his feelings about Jesus. Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, not a prophet only and definitely not just a teacher of good advice. He was only one of three things, there are no other possibilities. He was either a charlatan (con man), certifiably insane, or He was exactly who He and many others said He was, the one and only Son of our God. I pray Elon searches Jesus out and finds salvation, but pointedly asking someone to accept Jesus as their Savior, regardless of their answer, is NOT true salvation. God bless you all in Jesus holy name.

  6. Here bruh I got a water bottle I can baptize you bruh tee hee tee hee wooh…..I mean thats literally part of there "Biblical introduction/conversion attempt" they used and acted like and said with Musk here…..Like seriously lol why do I even act surprised at anything at this point ya know. We did it bruh do me a solid woo hooo ya hear that so lets call it 60 percent "saved" insert more keyboard and nervous childish laughter when he's asking questions any very confused Jesus/Biblically illiterate confused man seeking genuine answers would have…..

  7. Its very tragic that a man who understand Jesus at the most basic weak surface façade level like Musk does still showed more dignity class and ironically at least a micro shred of discernment then these supposedly 3 "Christian" school boys I mean "men" at the Babylon Bee did….what a potentially great opportunity turned into some weak pitiful emasculated laughing stock of a joke…..oh wooo we did it so hes 60 percent saved…do me a solid bro do you accept Jesus as your savior teehhee teeheee…..then when he brings up obvious questions about the bible atheists tend to do instead of giving Biblical sound replies they literally made weak lame jokes then laughed awkwardly. was absolutely pitiful.,…..I mean he may as well have been begging for some sound Biblical answers to his confusions and questions that he didn't understand at all and they gave him absolutely nothing to work with nothing but nervous awkward childish laughter added some ridiculous soft music overtone to try and make it seem "serious" and in the end offered absolutely nothing for the Biblically Confused practically begging and searching for the truth Musk here to work with or take home or contemplate spiritually on or with….they gave him nothing….any respect i had for the Babylon Bee basically went down the drain with that sad attempt….I mean for bloody sakes fricking Todd White or even Steven Furtick would have done a better job at at least explaining something to Musk so he could at least begin the process of understanding Jesus and who/what he was/is and how and why he did what he did……and thats not a compliment to them there terrible just an example of just how bad and how much these Babylon bee "Christian" supposedly adult men who claim to be Christians utterly beyond failed at this pitiful weak beyond soft pitch just absurd excuse at a so called conversion attempt…….

  8. The Babylon Bee are the ones who should be ashamed, he was practically begging them for answers and they gave none just laughed like school boys, Babylon Bee was shameful here no wonder Musk is so confused when he has so called "Christians" like these 3 weak men to explain nothing to him and treat it like some gimmick, was despicable interview on Babylon Bees fault…..I hope people can see thats the main issue here, They failed Musk in every single way it was the exact opposite of how a actual Christian would try and first actually help explain things to someone let alone try and convert them was one of the worst displays by a so called"christian" i have seen at that level yet, they acted like giddy school girls not Christian men sharing actual theology and truth with a unsaved man…..

  9. "What do these guys know about being holy, i may be simpler than a coffee mug, but i got the light of the lord practically shining out my b***hole. I would've thrown my bibley words right in his face (tiktok style!) and sang a hymn afterwards as the angels applaud me. That's how you be holy!"

  10. I believe Jesus is waking up his church because of this falling away. And we need to win as many souls for Christ as we can.. yeah we loose this battle because of that lack of knowledge. But God isn't willing that any should perish. Basically it's kinda like yeah were gonna loose this game but we gotta at least get as many points up as we can. I love my Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Win on.3 123WIN.

  11. All of God's word is valuable knowledge and if you dont feel some kind of conviction.. i don't think you're getting the Word. You may be getting a motivational speech. They're good and all but dont just tixkle that ear… clean that thing out right? Lol

  12. This topic is going around YouTube. It frustrates me because we have no idea what conversations occurred off air. If they were seriously putting Elon Musk on the spot in this video it would be disrespectful and off putting. We even close our eyes at church to give a new believer privacy not because our faith should be private but because it’s new and a big decisions. If I were the Bee I’d keep the true conversation off camera. I don’t know if they did that, but neither do you so to judge what they did without all the facts is irresponsible. I respect you a ton, but I don’t want you jumping to conclusions.


  14. Elon is a HUGE inspiration to me, as a guy who is trying to become an entrepreneur and as someone who is enthusiastic about our future in space. I have some concerns about his neural tech ventures, as that leans dangerously close toward transhumanism, but I do not believe that Elon himself has nefarious intent. I just fear that if he develops that tech, truly nefarious forces will use it to wreak havoc.

    But anyways, I agree that this interview was a bit disappointing as well. I'm grateful Elon handled it the way he did; most people would probably take the way they delivered the question as a chance to mock Christ but Elon took it as an opportunity to praise Christ, albeit from a secular worldview. It's obvious Elon knows the basics, I just hope he encounters someone that helps him take the leap into a proper faith journey with Christ.

    I mean, imagine what a wealthy mind like Elon Musk could do if he came to Christ. He'd be like the anti-Soros, using his funds for causes that benefit humanity and he'd do it all to point people to Jesus Christ… man, that's a miracle I sincerely hope for and pray for.

  15. “Do us a solid and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour”?!! DO US A SOLID?? It’s a FAVOUR for Elon to accept Christ? Elon Musk OWNED them with that “day of rest” comment.

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