Elon Musk – SpaceX & the whole Rocket industry were HUMILIATED by the Indian space program…

Elon – SpaceX & the whole Rocket industry were HUMILIATED by the Indian space program…#STARSHIPFANS

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Over the previous a number of years, SpaceX has obtained a whole lot of nicely-deserved reward and acclamation for its strides in decreasing rocket launch prices.
However one identify that isn’t typically talked about: India.
And truly, India’s space group (ISRO) has been quietly working away however persistently been driving down the price of missions throughout the board together with orbital missions, lunar missions, and even Martian missions.
The outcomes that they’ve labored so laborious to attain in the previous are actually stunning the whole world, even the US, Russia.
So, how precisely India’s Space Program humiliates the different Space Price range?
“Elon Musk – SpaceX & the whole Rocket industry were HUMILIATED by the Indian space program…”
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The historical past of space analysis in India is traced to the Twenties when scientist S. Ok. Mitra carried out a collection of experiments resulting in the sounding of the ionosphere by making use of floor-based mostly radio strategies in Kolkata.
“Elon Musk – SpaceX & the whole Rocket industry were HUMILIATED by the Indian space program…”
Later, organized space analysis in India was spearheaded by two scientists: Vikram Sarabhai—founding father of the Bodily Analysis Laboratory at Ahmedabad—and Homi Bhabha, who established the Tata Institute of Elementary Analysis in 1945.
Preliminary experiments in space sciences included the research of cosmic radiation, excessive altitude and airborne testing, deep underground experimentation at the Kolar mines—considered one of the deepest mining websites in the world—and research of the higher ambiance.
In 1962, Vikram Sarabhai would persuade prime minister Nehru to arrange the Indian Nationwide Committee for Space Analysis.
And shortly after, India would start experimenting with sounding rockets which ultimately led to the formation of ISRO or the Indian Space Analysis Group in 1969.
“Elon Musk – SpaceX & the whole Rocket industry were HUMILIATED by the Indian space program…”
Since then, ISRO has developed 5 completely different launch autos, together with SLV, ASLV, PSLV, GSLV, and GSLV Mark III. Though most of them are solely designed to launch small payloads, in some circumstances, the price for launching an Indian rocket is 70% cheaper than different choices.
Elon – SpaceX & the whole Rocket industry were HUMILIATED by the Indian space program…
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Elon Musk – SpaceX & the whole Rocket industry were HUMILIATED by the Indian space program…

41 thoughts on “Elon Musk – SpaceX & the whole Rocket industry were HUMILIATED by the Indian space program…”

  1. They humiliated the whole Rocket industry? Are you kidding me they pay their top engineers 0.014 cents on the dollar. An average engineer earns about ₹352k rupees or about $5,000.00 dollars a year. And you wonder why they can make a rocket so cheap?

  2. It proves how Black People can out do White People to disprove Eurocentric racism despite the fact how low latitudes are anarchistic usually ruled by White Sepremist Mercenaries except for
    Far East and Far West of Pacific Basin Region.

    By the Laws of Thermodynamic physics such as engine cycle efficiencies of decreased conductivities poverty is usually of warmer sunnier climates while Planck's Constant Coefficient condemns solar energy to serfdom feudalism instead of how Communists tend to scapegoat colonialism while Nazis attributed everything to genetics.

    Other issue is rocket engines are often outsourced to Russian Ukraine since a vintage 1961 Yuri Gagarin brute force mentality of vertical flight into orbit is not economically feasible since it is an equivalent of industrial chemical refineries being consumed for a cross country trip whereby a tractor trailer truck would carry a light truck to deliver a motor scooter.

    Via Asimov's "Bathroom Metaphor" of Malthusian devalued individual worth our jobs could be outsourced to third world peasants since they already Atwoodian outsource invitro fertilization surrogate pregnancies to India described by "Maclean's" while "National Geographic" described how gigantic population of China has working conditions worse than a Charels Dickens Story while "Time" magazine referred to Mexico City as a "population curse" to remember what both Aldous Huxley's novel and "Canadian Broadcasting" stated about tropics catalyzing gonads.

    Wife shortages cause China to genetically overlap with both Hungarians called Magyars and Hottentots called Kung while wife shortages of India is why religious temples of India are usually whorehouses staffed by castrated young underage boys.

  3. India's Space program has done well, so why use a headline for this article that makes false claims ?
    Despite having cheap labour cost's India's cost's to launch payloads into orbit are several times more expensive than SpaceX and are likely to fall much farther behind when SuperHeavy/Starship become operational.
    At least this article did admit the truth at the end.

  4. A lot of the data provided to us in this video is misleading or false. Indian Space program didn't humiliate anyone. If you do your research of India Space Program, you will see that they are only humiliating themselves. Working conditions of certain work groups could be compared to slavery and safety inspections are sometimes sloppy or not performed at all, to save time.

    Also, about this channel… Its nothing new that this channels data is false or dated. There is also this clickbaiting thing to gain views for nothing, instead of providing accurate data.

    Giving a video a clickbaiting title and Elon Musk picture as thumbnail is a strategy of almost every space related channel these days.

  5. I don't think Space X is humiliated. Space X is really doing more innovation than anyone in the world. Space X is cheaper than what China can do, perhaps Starship will be cheaper than Isro? Space X isn't standing still.

  6. Well, if Soviet and USA could get satellites up into orbit in the 1950s, why shouldn't India be able to do it? It's big enough country and they certainly have good enough engineers and scientists. What they don't have is a wealth of highly advanced technology. But space technology push that. And that's probably the most important reason they keep as much as possible local.
    The cost comparisons are misleading. Of course small rockets are easier and cheaper. For example, most countries in Europe could probably run their own space programs to put smaller loads into LEO. But it would be insane to do that for their needs, when they can cooperate or buy services instead.

  7. The biggest difference is, NASA doesn't build anything. Everything is a contract with private companies. Most of the time that drove up cost, but now we have SpaceX, ULA, Rocketlab, Firefly, Astra etc…because they all got funding for projects from NASA. The ISRO is a fully government run program.
    Hopefully all space organizations continue to advance.

  8. 'HUMILIATED', it's too strong a word and should be replaced with a more appropriate term. It's an eye-catching word or it is a clickbait if you will. A lame comparison between a private company and a government-subsidized agency. Instead of SpaceX, it should be CNSA, China National Space Administration.

  9. If the whole rocket community was humiliated SPACEX should loose all contracts lol not India is a growing launcher for government launches SPACEX is not government owned and super heavy I doubt India has a heavy launch vehicle

  10. I undestand that this click bait kind of a title is necessary for the video to go further with YT's algorithm, however, as a frequent viewer, I will not like the videos until you stop doing it.
    The video diserves a like, but the title is killing the spirit of your channel.

  11. Very interesting. We hear very little about the Indian space program. Nice to see the enthusiasm that America had for the Apollo program, and subsequently lost, is alive and well in India.

  12. There are a few words that scream "clickbait". "Humiliated", "Furious", "enraged", etc. These are usually ALLCAPS to get the effect. It's cheesy. Don't do it.

  13. Thanks for considering isro 's achievements proud to be indian🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 we all are space lovers whether it may be space x or isro, nasa, every space rocket company they all do hard work, for the sake of humanity. . .

  14. What is the exchange difference of cost in India compared to the US? Could the lack of strangling constraints from our collection of agencies that have to approve flights be a factor?

  15. I don't believe anyone was humiliated by the Indian space program. Maybe 'surprised' might be better, and in that context, congratulations to India for such valiant efforts.

  16. I know exactly how they are doing it so cheap.. someone in their pipeline is getting screwed. JMHO with working with individuals in the past from that country in the USA.

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