Elon Musk's INSANE $10,000 Quadrillion Rock

#creatornow Elon Musk has a $10,000 Quadrillion rock. Donald Trump has granted authority for him to mine it, and NASA is paying him to ship a spacecraft to go to it. Will it crash the world financial system or will it fund area colonization?

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Here is the insane story of the approaching period of asteroid mining and the area firms together with Elon Musk’s Area X and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin that might be main it.

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Roger James Hamilton is a futurist, social entrepreneur and New York Instances Bestselling Creator of the Millionaire Grasp Plan. He’s the founding father of Entrepreneurs Institute and the creator of the Wealth Dynamics, Expertise Dynamics & Genius Check Profiling Techniques, utilized by over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs to observe their circulate.

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Elon Musk's INSANE $10,000 Quadrillion Rock

45 thoughts on “Elon Musk's INSANE $10,000 Quadrillion Rock”

  1. All fibs. It amazes me how much the public will swallow. You’ve been lied to since you were small children. Asteroids and space don’t exist. Be real scientists. Don’t trust. Dig in the dark places for the truth!

  2. So while people in Glasgow play politics out of Climate Change and everything is bad it is ok to bring extra material from space and start playing Russian Roulette changing earth mass?

  3. I do think this will become viable some day when we have better methods for propulsion, I just think that day is 25- years away, not 5. It's kind of hilarious that Elon Musk, the guy that is notorious for missing deadlines for the release of Teslas is given every concession for somehow pulling this off in 5 years. It takes 10 years to get a major mining operation going on earth, but he's going to get a space mining operation going a half a trillion kilometers away in 5 years? .

  4. How can they can they say "a hard asset like gold or bitcoin"? I'm not beyond admitting I don't know everything, so can someone explain how bitcoin is a hard asset? Also, with advances in AI and quantum computing could bitcoin be counterfeited like cash? Lastly, if a digital asset replaced all else how long before enemies start crashing each others grids or focusing on making cyber attacks the primary offensive weapon? I doubt any government would let an individual crash the global economy and the value of the primary hard asset that would replace it. This is a lot to take in, very interesting.

  5. For gold, "187,000 metric tons historically produced", therefore, to "flood" the market with 10% extra in a year (where the historical increase is 1-2% mined per year), would require mining and transporting 1,870 metric tons in a year.

    EROEI seems fantastical / fantasy.

  6. On first watch / first blush, has anyone calculated the energy required and what the actual EROEI would be (to mine and transport the metal back)?

    Rough swag may be informative.

  7. Even if they made laws for space for who can do what up there, all bets are off as soon as you leave your country/atmosphere. Look at China they are fishing the whole planet and nobody is doing shit about it. Anyone who gets up there and makes a factory, they will own earth and all the planets until someone else can compete with them. There's going to be space gangs and space militaries just to control the resources.

  8. Hey Roger, my thanks to you for the content you provide. As a request, would you consider doing a video on BlackRock? As someone who advocates for financial freedom, I would love to hear your take. Cheers.

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