Elon Musks Last Terrifying Warning: “Prepare For The Apocalypse!"

Elon Musks Last Warning: “Put together For The Apocalypse!”

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In case you are a sci-fi fan then it’s essential to have seen motion pictures like Terminator, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and many others. If sure you then have to be accustomed to the concept of AI managed Robots. As the films introduce the idea of AI based mostly robots invading people or terminating human civilization and issues like that.then it will need to have given you a thought that what if now we have robots that are managed by AI? Effectively clearly they need to not be harmful sufficient to invade people however they need to assist them to do final issues that are removed from creativeness and likewise present them a brand new imaginative and prescient which permits us to vary the long run. Sounds cool proper? Effectively it’s, So allow us to let you know {that a} robotic which is managed by AI is about to launch and this undertaking shall be completed by none aside from actual life Tony Stark, #ElonMusk.

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And in at present’s video we’ll be discussing the apocalypse which may occur because of AI Robots.

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Elon Musks Last Terrifying Warning: “Put together For The Apocalypse!"

38 thoughts on “Elon Musks Last Terrifying Warning: “Prepare For The Apocalypse!"”

  1. So Mark Zuckerberg is Making the Matrix, While Elon Musk is Making the Terminator?! In both case they both Lose. They forget this is not the movies and also in the movies God don't exist.🤣

  2. sorry but……. Tony Stark did not smoke pot! ….. Im not putting Elon down for it, but to compare them just be cause their both rich?, no sorry, Tony Stark, is leagues beyond Elon Musk. Tony Stark had real palpable morals, something you could tell just by what he said and the way he said it. Elon Musk….. not so much. You can disagree i wont hold it against you. But Elon Musk still has some growing up to do.

  3. It’s like you’re talking, but recycling common knowledge and adding unnecessary buzz words in..
    I can tell you’ve done ‘research’ .. but it’s research on other YouTube videos and cherry picked subjects you find interesting.

    Work harder.


  4. ONLY the DEAD, DIE …. The DEAD Can't LIVE , and The LIVING ONE Can't DIE !
    Understand the DIFFERENCE, between the Universe, ( Including the human body ) and "LIFE The Real Self" , which is Non-Dimensional , and does NOT represent or even look like any species, including the human species !

  5. What medication is he prescribed ? Lol He’s a smart man controlling his own YouTube page and generating his own revenue. It only takes a small audience to believe in his ideas. Good luck 🍀 Your team looks strong … Go Europe ‼️ America is garbage… laughing at the rich dad poor dad gimmicks

  6. Musk think Harder
    Musk think Harder
    Lol 🤣
    Nobody is listening
    So it will be chosen for them
    The Earth Can Take No more Hurt
    So the Choice is Theirs Heaven or Hell
    🤔 Gotta think on that one

  7. They aren't "promises" by Elon…. but possible expectations. Hes accomplished GREATER UNBELIEVABLE INCREDIBLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS than nearly anyone on the planet. Damn… cut some slack. Hes straight up says…. failures are expected but learning from and successful advancements follow!!!!! And hes ALWAYS HELD UP TO THAT!!!!

  8. My Soul is a GLITTERING…FLAME… 🔥 🔥 🔥…Soul Killers…Kitty Litter…You and Your offsprings…Dead Souls…are Worthless…Your Dead Souls is worth Billions…of Dollars…Sow What…Can't compare to eternal life…This your Last
    Life Spell Broke AL..ready Casted…

  9. Could there be robots that can be sent out on the chore of robbing a bank, stealing a car, or other mischief ? Probably, Eventually, because of human nature being what is is. It will probably start when our military builds robot soldiers that their missions can be redirected the same way other military equipment is adopted for civilian use.

  10. Your worrying too much, Monsters and killer Robots are in Movies, not in real life.
    In real life we already have Robots everything from building cars, Flying Aircraft, Operating on Humans, Controlling our Armed Forces to playing Games with children.
    What is missing however is making these Robots more free to move and operate untethered such as Mobile Surgeons, Free moving Engineers or looking after our old or infirm as Autonomous Carers.
    The time is fast approaching to give our Robotic Friends more independence albeit with a built in kill switch just in case of unknown problems at this time but Safety has to be at the top of the considerations.

  11. Bible prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes. The Apocalypse is really gonna happen. But not a robot one. Jesus is coming to stop all these thing crazy people running the world and their robots. Because these robots are going to try to kill us and they will be obeying their creator, the devil and his demons. Come soon lord Jesus.

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