EP17 Engineering Victory with Elon

Elon Musk and Invoice Riley from SpaceX be part of Dan to debate the underappreciated function of science and engineering in warfare. As you may think, army plane function prominently within the dialog.

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1. The Wages of destruction by Adam Tooze2. The Artwork of Struggle by Solar Tzu 3.The Wages of Destruction: The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Financial system by Adam Tooze

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EP17 Engineering Victory with Elon

37 thoughts on “EP17 Engineering Victory with Elon”

  1. I think Carlin was referring to the Israelis using the British Centurion Tank in the 60s not the US Sherman tank. I was in a Centurion in the 1980s in Sweden…..still in service in the Swedish military back in the 80s but a lot of maintenance…..

  2. I would like to hear Elon Musk and Dan Carlin talk. Unfortunately, that is not what happens in this episode. What we get is Bill Riley stuttering and uh-uh-uh-uh. I finally, after 20 minutes, started skipping forward and all I could hear was more Bill Riley going "uh-uh-uh-uh". This show would be great if they had hung up on him at the beginning. With him dominating the conversation it is unlistenable.

  3. I loved hard core history until I listened to a couple of his common sense episodes which ended up to be exactly the opposite of common sense. He sounds just like every other CNN libtard out there. Should have stuck to history Dan.

  4. I really enjoyed this….i knew i would but…i really like what Elon had to say about America…..and i sorta agree…my only gripe…Kennedy, 9/11. And id like to hear him talk to a ufo expert…

  5. The role of engineering innovations and later science in war is actually widely known and acknowledged and the topic is an integral part of that thing academics deemed useless by Musk and other Silicon Valley drop outs call history. There are academics who spend their careers analyzing military history from this perspective. The average joe may not be aware or even interested BUT the average joe doesn´t care about the engineering that goes into the very fabric of EVERYTHING in modern life. Musk is so busy trashing the value of universities that he forgets that the people who gave him his ideas on the topic are the university academics he so often refers as useless.

  6. I was loving this podcast but the fact Dan basically leaves Bill out of the conversation and talks to Elon only is kinda weak. I stopped listening 45min in due to disappointment.
    I love ya Dan but you kinda dropped the ball at the host, imo.
    You didn't lose a fan by any means. Just some constructive criticism.

  7. The end of this was quite surreal: Dan Carlin, Elon Musk, a literal rocket scientist, and Grimes having a conversation about engineering and military history.

  8. George S. Patton said, "The funny fuze won the Battle of the Bulge for us. I think that when all armies get this shell we will have to devise some new method of warfare."

  9. The concept that bombs could have won the Vietnam war is stupid. The only thing that could have saved that war was a focus on raising the quality of their soldiers, and being able to admistrate and secure vietnamese cities. If they were real smart, they would have hire vietnamese mercenaries to destroy the viet congs home field advantage. The focus on performing technological seiges against land scape lost the war for the Americans

  10. Waw, i feel like dan lower his bar in this interview…elon musk kept giggling and laughing through out of it ,then he kept bringing the rock,scissorand paper subject over and over ,thats usually happenes when u have a little information about subject. U keep repeating urself.
    Why podcasting personnel making them self less infront of Musk ? The guy isnt agenius , he get credit of investing his money in space instead of opening a restaurant . Yes, he is ambitious, but the guy who deserve his money and fame is the engineer behind the raptor engine ,that bastard needs to go out and declares he is the magecian who made the unbelievable happened… he would b sooo filthy rich and b remembered through history books, instead of mr. Musk gets his credit!

  11. Dan for the love of god every single video you have the noise gate threshold attack or something is too high and it cuts off a word here and there when you finish a sentence and then begin to speak again , it makes it difficult to listen to.

  12. Why do people think Shermans were bad? They were the single most survivable – crewmember lost per tank lost, VERY combat effective, super relyable, easy maintainance and easy transportation.

  13. Would have loved for their to have been an accompanying slide show for the youtube version of this conversation, showing images of each of the models of aircraft mentioned and all that. I'm googling each of the ones mentioned :-p

  14. 53:20
    The P-61 was a heavy radar equiped night fighter with a 3 man crew. It did a fundamentally different job from that done by the P-38, so they can't really be compared. The radar equipped N varients of Hellcat and Corsair could also do the same job.

  15. 44:44
    The late war Sherman's were a totally different animal from the ones at the beginning. In the end they were good enough that most commanders said they just wanted more of the new and improved ones and bit to have to switch to a fundamentally new design.

    A late model Sherman was actually the most survivable tank I the war. If you had to be in a tank, that was the one you actually wanted to be in.

  16. 27:40
    Yes, there are a lot of other variables, and the cool thing is that the Hellcat wins by those, too. It wasn't the absolute best in terms of performance, even in the American Stables, but it was close enough to being the best as to make little difference. What it was the beat at, hands down, was being an easy to use gunnery platform with extremely forgiving handling and landing characteristics, particularly a very slow and gentle low apeed stall. The importance of these advantages are difficult to overstate. While a craft that was slightly superior in performance, the F4U Corsair, gained the names "Hog, and "Ensign Eliminator" for it's treacherous and deadly difficulty to land, the F6F cat was known as the "Kitten" and the "Ace Maker." It deserved those accolades. There were 305 Hellcat aces, more than any other fighter. Hellcats destroyed more enemy aircraft and had a higher kill to loss ratio than any other aircraft ever made(The F-15 excepted).
    The Hellcat is just plain easy to fly. It's easy to be good when you have a machine that is easy to use and get back home.

    The extreme competence and scarcely rivaled training and doctrine of the Naval Aviators who flew them was another impressive and vital factor, but more on that later.

    I'd rather be in a Hellcat than an Corsair or a Mustang, especially if I had to fly over water and land on a little island or an aircraft carrier at the end of the day. It was a real pilot's aircraft.

    19:1 Kill ratio.

    Training did have a significant factor, as the USN, along with the Finns, were the only fighting air force force to truely master deflection shooting, making them lethal from all angles. Other forces had a select few who mastered the art, but the USN trained it as standard. The training combined with the platform made the differenc together.

    Just over twice.

  17. Dear dan:
    I found myself asking over and over when r u going to do attila's podcast? No one can do it better than u, i know most of ur listerners ask same question… please make one and go into DETAILS… thanx

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