Falcons Week 4 Overreactions: Matt Ryan Trade? Kyle Pitts BUST? + Cordarrelle Patterson Highlights

Atlanta Falcons NFL week 4 overreactions following the Falcons’ 34-30 loss to the Washington Soccer Staff are HOT with a loopy potential Matt Ryan commerce rumor. Is QB Matt Ryan gearing up for a “Julio Jones-like” holdout with a view to be traded on the 2021 NFL Commerce Deadline? Kyle Pitts highlights have been missing leaving many followers questioning if Kyle Pitts is a bust. Thomas Mott breaks down all the most recent Falcons Week 4 information and rumors on this version of Falcons At the moment.

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Falcons Head Teaching information and rumors asks the query if Arthur Smith is doing a very good or dangerous job in his rookie yr because the Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons. Although the Falcons have appeared tough at instances all through their 1-3 begin, Arthur Smith play calling has improved this previous week from an offensive perspective. Perhaps he’s the suitable man for the job? Cordarrelle Patterson highlights have been flying as he may very well be the perfect Falcons playmaker within the 2021 NFL season.

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Reply these questions from at present’s video:
– Would you commerce Matt Ryan on the deadline if a staff supplied one thing? Sure or No?
– Will the Falcons beat the Jets in NFL week 5? Kind ‘1’ for Sure or Kind ‘2’ for No
– Is Kyle Pitts a bust?

Mott’s Falcons Week 4 Overreactions:
Matt Ryan Is Going To Demand A Commerce
Arthur Smith Is Teaching Dangerous
Falcons Ought to Have Drafted A Cb
Patterson Is The Finest Playmaker On This Staff
Falcon Followers Are Fairweathered

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Falcons Week 4 Overreactions: Matt Ryan Commerce? Kyle Pitts BUST? + Cordarrelle Patterson Highlights


26 thoughts on “Falcons Week 4 Overreactions: Matt Ryan Trade? Kyle Pitts BUST? + Cordarrelle Patterson Highlights”

  1. #Falcons. Hey Thomas, Its Alex and just want to say that I really enjoy your videos. Here’s my question.
    Lots of fans here in Atlanta consistently rip Matt Ryan for not changing the play at the line of scrimmage. My understanding is that with most NFL offenses, The quarterback has the option to audible to two or three other plays that are pre-scripted alternatives to the called play at the line of scrimmage. Am I correct in that assertion? Or does Matt Ryan really have the ability to completely change the play at the line of scrimmage? Thanks in advance for answering this question. Go Falcons!

  2. Why does Mott hate Patterson? The FN guy can play man. He is not pulling tricks or getting lucky, the guy is big, physical, has great vision, speed and can run and catch. I wish all of our playmakers were Patterson.

  3. Honestly at this stage in the game if their is trade value in Ryan do it. I'll go as far saying trade Ryan and Ridley as a package deal to the Colts for instance. We need draft capital at this stage, we're clearly in a rebuilding process and cap he!! for the next 3 years which I get but time to start that next chapter. It's not wise to build a new house with old material, even if that material proved to be solid. Just saying A-Town all day just give the fans what they want

  4. ATL!!!! Pitts definitely not a bust just not utilizing him properly. I won't go as far as saying Mike Davis a bust but definitely a waste of money and roster space.

  5. ATL been showing love since as long as i can remember! No matter what happens this season or the next, ill always show love! Appreciate the vids!

  6. It people like you who tell the lies about Matt Ryan. Who are you a fan or someone who don't like the falcons.if your not a fan talk about some other team.

  7. Draft the whole Georgia Bulldogs defense lol. I'd trade Matty, if it's worth it. Don't that the staff won't pull the trigger. This is not Dan Quinn and the guys.

  8. Hey guys! lets huddle up. Lets get another top 5 draft pick. Draft the best guy on the board probably another position like this year we don't need. Don't understand why they didn't draft Fields (maybe Kirby Smart sabotaged that) but at least if Ryan gonna be your boy, you could have drafted Penei Swell at 4 and protect your aging statue. But its ok Were the falcons. Now Break!

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