Federal Judges Say Trump is Responsible for Directing his "Pawns" on Jan. 6; Reject Bannon Delay

Excellent news tales have been popping out of the federal courts in latest days. First, federal decide Amit Mehta straight locations blame for the rebellion on the shoulders of Trump and his felony associates, saying Trump directed his “pawns” on January 6. Then, federal Decide Carl Nichols refuses to permit Steve Bannon to weaponize the delay within the court docket system in his felony trial.

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The judiciary will get the necessity for accountability for Trump and his felony associates. Members of Congress get it, as do We The Individuals and, frankly, our allies all over the world. All that is left is for prosecutorial authorities to indict Trump and firm for their crimes in violation of the legal guidelines of the US.

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Federal Judges Say Trump is Responsible for Directing his "Pawns" on Jan. 6; Reject Bannon Delay

46 thoughts on “Federal Judges Say Trump is Responsible for Directing his "Pawns" on Jan. 6; Reject Bannon Delay”

  1. Glenn Kirschner needs to be the AG! Merrick Garland, time to go to work! Let us not forget: Once the insurrectionist were in Congress, they crapped on floors and pissed on walls and threatened to kill Congressional members and VP Mike Pence! Let them all reap what they have sown! Merrick Garland, get on it!

  2. Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. let the Lord take care of that murdering ritenpig and the corrupt judge , which against the Lords law let that murdering pig go .

  3. Now they should pay for our family's who died from C19.We need to sue him and his family for lieing our family's may still be here.They need to be lock up for years.

  4. While appreciating Judge Mehta's view, this man Lolos is an adult with the ability to make choices. Plenty of people heard Tr**'s rhetoric, but they didn't all choose to go to the Capitol. The people who went chose to go there, and were told it would be "wild". Why should he be let off so lightly?

  5. I agree with almost everything but the bottom line question is, where are the indictments for the big fish. Bannon is just a smelly turd I want the real instigators held responsible and jailed for years not 30 days.

  6. Mr. Lolos should have also known better. Anybody who takes orders and inspiration from Donald Trump really needs to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror.

  7. trump, pence, kushner and their Goons should face Prosecution for the Covid Deaths. These are those Monsters most obvious admissions to some of their many Crimes! WTH, Garland?🤔

  8. Is the orange piece of garbage ever going to wear an orange jumpsuit behind bars??? My word!! He told them to walk down to the Capitol and he said he would be with them!! I cannot believe these people actually fell for his bullsh*t!! Not just then, they still believe it!! They eat it up!! I have never seen so many people eat so much bullsh*t from the time he hit the campaign trail!!! I can’t recall a former President that still holds “rally’s” to continue to wreck our democracy!! He wants to be Putin in the worst way!! Either way, I hope justice is served sometime soon!!

  9. I think somebody needs to tell Trump because of his behaviors in the Jan.1 insurrection, he cannot ever run or possess a federal office ever again. He cut his own throat with his insistent behaviors against our democracy.

  10. The federal judge Amit Mehta is 100% right. Trump's lie and its inability to concede the election loss after the certification of state is a direct cause of Jan. 6. Also, Biden and the congress should sue Trump, FOX, OAN and NewsMax for defamation. Each time they say that Biden stole the election, they should pay a serious fine, at the least. It is not normal we let people lie on something as nationally important than election. It should be obvious that freedom of speech is not freedom of defamation. 
    Trump & Co. should be in jail preventively until the end of the trial. Those people demolish democracy right now, and influence the witnesses, even use death threat… That should be stopped NOW. The lies go at the speed of light on the Net, when the democratic procedures are slow, but in this case, the evidences are public, and the damage is huge for the democracy and the decent interpretation of the constitution. Act before it will be too late. A genocide might be at the horizon.

  11. They made an adult decision to commit sedition. 2 weeks is no punishment. He still should have gotten a stiffer sentence anyway,…or commitment to psych hospital.

  12. The free fall of my hope is beginning to slow. I hope that Trump supporters begin to see the truth because we are all in this democracy together. We have to work together, all of us, and re-build our joint democracies with integrity ensured by the tightening of the loopholes the dishonest ones are jumping through every day.
    Together we compromise- Apart we fight.
    Cheers 🇨🇦

  13. Any intelligent person could see right through the lies and deception of trump, what does it tell you about the intelligence of common citizens of America?

  14. I think somethings missing in the judges declaration three words sedition, traitor, president. Trump The war lord and his lieutenants should not only be charged but taken off of the street.

  15. I'm surprised by the actions of some of these trump appointed judges. I expected them to bend over backwards to assist trumps interests and cronies and whatever else, himself even. I'm glad some of them remain independent under these circumstances, although, I suspect, in other matters they would be ruling in ways which are destructive.

  16. I buy everything into it except he was a pawn he’s an adult he knew what his actions were he let his actions get away that was on him that wasn’t on Trump that was on him he didn’t have to do a damn thing but he did and the judge reduce his sentence because of Trump don’t buy it

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