Former President Trump Takes Aim At Mitch McConnell At Iowa Rally

At final evening’s rally in Iowa, former President Trump slammed Senate Minority Chief Mitch McConnell (R-KY) over the debt ceiling extension.

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Former President Trump Takes Aim At Mitch McConnell At Iowa Rally

47 thoughts on “Former President Trump Takes Aim At Mitch McConnell At Iowa Rally”

  1. Great entertainment but I really don't see anything being done about the massive voter fraud and the stolen election but somebody making millions dangling carrots in front of thousands.

  2. Notice how the signs for black supporters are just black and white and looks like a 5 year old hand printed them! Racist, even in their attempt to be inclusive, they show blacks are not on the same level as the whites.

  3. Good God all this man does is whine and talk out his ass. Trump is done why di we have to keep hearing from this lifelong loser. Its over for you and your crooked family on this country move somewhere else and bother them

  4. How they gonna get voted out if they own the elections wow its like the rat trying to get to get the cheese through the electric fence no matter how many time he tries he gets shocked and never gets the cheese

  5. Get em Trump…don't let em off the hook. We support you. And we're gonna walk this walk with you…right back in office 2024. Democrats are scared to death. They hear Trump coming. Biden's approval percentage is in the trash. Dumb Dems can't pass anything…no leadership, greedy, poor team..and selfish. Dems will fall in 2022. Biden Administration is a Humongous Failure !!!

  6. Jesus Christ endorses Trump. Trump is the twin of Jesus, Mary had two sons: Jesus whom died for our sins, and Trump who lives to fight for our rights

  7. Is President Trump try to 'Wag the Dog' again?… We could see his Supporters with their tongues out and their tails wagging so happily every time the President opened his mouth…Greeting From Taiwan and China…God Bless America…

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