From JFK To Trump: How Conspiracy Theorists Went From Outliers To Insiders

You’ll be able to draw a straight line from the conspiracy theorists who have been handing out JFK treason flyers in Dallas in 1963 to the fashionable model, embodied by Alex Jones. However on this period, “the beliefs of these excessive fringes are the politics of the person who was president,” says Hayes. 
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From JFK To Trump: How Conspiracy Theorists Went From Outliers To Insiders

47 thoughts on “From JFK To Trump: How Conspiracy Theorists Went From Outliers To Insiders”

  1. Everyone watching this from the rest of the world is not fooled by what is happening in the US and we are saddened by the USA as it rocket's downhill towards autocracy. If votes could save you why on earth are you letting your voters rights to go down without a whimper ?

  2. It is fueled by a crook that will never admit a loss.
    His sick behavior and mafia wanna be alfa male B.S. SHOULD HAVE STOPPED THE SAME DAY J6 HAPPENED.
    this theory and bad spirit will continue and will eventually destroy our country for ever.

    They are adamant to ruin democracy and he is adamant to make money on his lying speeches.

    Enough is enough

    They need to wake up.

  3. Asking the question "Do you believe that a guy who had part of his head blown off in front of thousands of people, also caught on video, is still alive?" has to be the easiest stupidity check I've ever heard of.

  4. I totally agree with the MSNBC guy says: Someone should take matters into their own hands and SHOOT Trump so he is gone. While they are at it they should clean out Alex Jones, Cruz and the other crazys on the facist right. Theres no room for a new nazi party in the US. Someone need to stop these Hitler worshipers.

  5. Don't worry, I have it on good authority (Bart Simpson told me in a dream)… Barney the Dinosaur is going to beam down to Four Seasons Total Landscaping on Jantober 32nd 2022 to reinstate Trump as President of the United States, and also install him a the Grand Emperor of Earth 😁

  6. Left the GOP in 2000. It's decline into the GQP has been horrific and sad to watch. Since they have condoned and promoted treasonous acts I will never vote for any Republican again.

  7. And tell me.why the Jan 6 committee hasnt arrested Trump yet? There seems to be adequate evidence that the riot stemed from his speech and his online "stop the steal" come to washington!

  8. All this cult leader is doing is taking everybody's money. They should all be rounded up taken to hospital examined and treated for insanity. Medicare for all…

  9. Well, if there are people who are ignorant, stupid, and clueless about history, let them. I'm just afraid there will be more and more. Where are all those stones under which they crawl from? I'd like to know that. It must be a very high mountain by now.

  10. "We've always had wild fringe elements of political parties, cults, and conspiracy theories."

    But for at least a decade now if not longer right wing media and the Republican leadership have slowly allowed and encouraged their fringe elements into their political mainstream. They continued to grant these wingnuts legitimacy and the more they allowed it the more it grew and the more extreme it got. Even Fox News, probably the main culprit in the beginning, is no longer extreme enough for them. The rise of social media has probably amplified it that much more. So their extremist fringe is no longer their fringe. It has become their mainstream. It's a monster of their own creation and threatens us all yet the vast majority of those responsible continue to disavow responsibility or, even worse, continue to encourage these lunatics.

  11. Could it be that Q was thinking: "Now I outer the most idiotic lie, so that even my dumbest cultists will realize that it's a lie. And then finally my cult will Rest In Peace." If that is the case, he underestimated his cults stupidity.

  12. My brother was born on November 5th, 1963. I remember he took Mom away from us!
    I asked Dad where mom was. "Your mother is in the hospital". Even then I knew that was serious!
    Years later in university he had an instructor who was crafting a response to the propaganda mentioned here on November 22, 1963. He was one of the staff of JFK and he was working on his appearance when he was told what happened. A few years ago an empty 12 pack box with old papers was put out for the garbage up the street. I pick it up and leaf through them. Dated November 23,24,25,26,28,30 1963. So of course I took them home. I'd like to read them again, for sure. I remember November 1963.

  13. The phrase "conspiracy theorist" is a phrase coined by mass media in order to convey to the general public that the real truth lies with them and any information that runs contrary to the corporate media is untrue, unproven, and unsubstantiated. Over the years that label, C.T. has become to mean someone with a difference of opinion is not only incorrect but is either lacking in reasoning ability or just crazy. But there are numerous examples of what were considered conspiracies up until the point at which they could not be denied. Three examples would be Iran Contra, Operation Northwoods, and MK-Ultra. These are all documented and unchallenged events. So the next time someone tells you about some event that seems unplausible, listen carefully, critically, and use your own reasoning skills, and no one else's, to decide its validity.

  14. I’ve got to stop using the word, unbelievable, every time I watch a Trump or right wing video.
    Honestly, this is soul-draining, and I don’t even work for the government!

  15. I just found out today that my aunt is one of them. She thinks Elvis Micheal Jackson and jfk Junior are still alive. She thinks Micheal Jackson is out saving children from satanic pedophiles. 🤪 I’m embarrassed for her

  16. So these people are expecting the return of a man of 120 + years of age, to set America back on track, but Joe Biden is too old to be President ? Hmmm 🤔. The mind boggles.

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