Gaige Grosskreutz ADMITTED to pointing his weapon at Kyle Rittenhouse FIRST!! | The Flawdcast

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→ Rittenhouse taking pictures sufferer confronted with video exhibiting him pointing gun at defendant



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Gaige Grosskreutz ADMITTED to pointing his weapon at Kyle Rittenhouse FIRST!! | The Flawdcast

43 thoughts on “Gaige Grosskreutz ADMITTED to pointing his weapon at Kyle Rittenhouse FIRST!! | The Flawdcast”

  1. how about you report on andrew coffee he also pleaded self defence he shot at police from a drug house killing his girlfriend he was found not guilty but nothing on msm about it may that be because he is black

  2. Sounds like you two have good heads on ya.
    I watched some lawyers stream of the trial. At the end of this they all screamed. Mic drop moment. Waaaay different experience with raw court footage

  3. I came on here and Pre judged the two of you expected some woke shit I had popcorn and a blunt and then y'all hit me with the Truth and I'm like fuck it I'm flawd . Red pilled

  4. This dude had 10 million reasons and a missing bicep to be against Rittenhouse in his testimony. He also went onto national television after this and claimed he wasn't pointing his gun at him lol.

  5. I'm a time traveller from 2022….not guilty on all counts…hey Kyle how would you like your millions of dollars….? In a big white sack with let's go Brandon on it and can you get me the deathwish boxset on bluray please…thanks

  6. When he backed off, Rittehnouse lowered his weapon, muzzle facing downward. When Gorsskreutz advanced again with his weapon drawn, Kyle pointed his rifle at Gaige. Clearly Gaige could have left him alone and he wouldn't have been shot. That was self defense. What moron advances on someone holding a rifle?

  7. It’s even sadder how our black community follows groupthink hive mindset. And all of it was misinformation and race baiting. Clear self defense. This is why we need to encourage individual thinking and stop letting ideology take over facts.

  8. I love how you reacted to this and could actually understand the situation and didn't just fall into the white supremacist accusations and actually see that this man had more then legality to defend himself by anymeans and I truly love you guys for this

  9. He sure did admit it. But most people are chosing to ignore that tid bit. So they chased rittenhouse, pointed a gun, began beating rittenhouse and tried to take rittenhouse gun. Now on what planet does that not constitute self defense?

  10. Oh, general court process. In this case the Jury makes the determination of guilt or innocents on the 5 counts. The Judge runs the process and makes decisions on evidence, and what is allowed in or not. I think the judge also decides sentencing post a conviction.

    There are trials without a jury where the judge makes the determination, it this was a trial by jury.

  11. I don’t know if this was said before but he initially testified that he was shot when his hands were up in the air.
    Reason being the witness has a $10m lawsuit against the city. If it was show this wasn’t true and if Kyle gets found innocent by the Jury, he looses the law suit.

    So yes he lied and got caught lying.

  12. im just now getting around to seeing this.
    Ive watched the whole trial on Rekeita Law's channel but dam flawd, you guys bring great perspective to this.

    It would be fucking BOSS as shit if you went on any of these other channels and talked your opinion on the matter.
    This is a win for the US Constitution.

  13. He admitted he was shot only after he pointed his gun at Kyle. He also just blew this $10million lawsuit. He's been making the rounds trying to say he wasn't trying the truth on the stand. He's a piece of shit.

  14. What kills me is all these people saying “nobody asked Kyle to be there to protect someone else’s property”. Since when do you need to be asked to protect people or property if you KNOW something bad is happening? You look out for those in danger and stand up for the defenseless.

  15. Thanks to both of you. I truly thought and I’m sorry, I made a judgment, by your appearance, with the rings the piercings that you would’ve wanted to hang this kid. I was wrong I was bigoted and I’m sorry. I want both of you to know how bad this country need your opinions your reactions. it’s so important because you were both spot on. I openly admit I pre-judged your appearance. God bless both of you. I’ve watched your music reaction several times but dammit man and ma’am I was wrong thank you.

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